What determines the type of fire extinguisher to use?

What determines the type of fire extinguisher to use?

Fire extinguishers are classified based on what specific type of fire they are able to put out. Older fire extinguishers have colored geometrically shaped labels that indicate their classification, while newer extinguishers are labeled with pictures that show the types of hazards they can be used to extinguish.

What is the requirement for fire fire extinguishers on a boat?

The Coast Guard requires boats to have at least one B-1 marine fire extinguisher on board. Depending on the size of your boat you may need more than one. Boats less than 26′ have to have at least one B-1 fire extinguisher on board. Boats 26′-40′ need to have at least two B-1 fire extinguishers on board.

What factors will affect the selection of fire extinguishers?

The most important factors that influence what fire extinguisher you should use,are the likely source of a fire, and how much area the fire extinguisher is expected to service (square metres of a room). Sometimes it will be necessary to have more than one type of fire extinguisher in a room.

What is the basis for selection of a specific type of extinguisher?

The first step is to look at what materials are present in the area to be protected from fire. These can be divided into six categories of fire involving different substances: Class A, combustible carbon-based solids eg paper, wood or textiles.

Why must fire extinguishers be routinely maintained?

Properly maintaining fire extinguishers is important. Every public facility must undergo annual testing on all fire extinguishers located in their buildings. Since fire extinguishers are used so often during a fire emergency, having one that works is essential for any public facility or business enterprise.

What determines number of fire extinguishers on a boat?

What determines the number of fire extinguishers required on a pleasure craft? The type of devices on board and the length of the boat will determine the number and type of fire extinguishers required on your pleasure craft.

Which is one of the three basic components required for fire?

Oxygen, heat, and fuel are frequently referred to as the “fire triangle.” Add in the fourth element, the chemical reaction, and you actually have a fire “tetrahedron.” The important thing to remember is: take any of these four things away, and you will not have a fire or the fire will be extinguished.

How do you identify a fire extinguisher?

How are fire extinguishers identified? Fire extinguishers are identified by a colour coding system. Prior to 1997 the entire body of a fire extinguisher was painted in the code colour. Later extinguishers must conform to BS EN 3 and will be predominantly red in colour.

Why are there different extinguisher types for different types of fires?

The theory behind portable fire extinguishers is that the fire can be extinguished by removing any one or more of these four elements. For each class of fire, the fuel, heat source and chain reaction varies, which is why there must be different types of fire extinguishers depending on the class of fire.

Which three requirements apply to fire extinguishers?

Type of Extinguisher Needed Carbon dioxide, dry chemical, clean agent. Not water under any circumstances.

How often should fire extinguishers be inspected OSHA?

Inspection, maintenance and testing Visually inspect portable extinguishers or hoses monthly. [29 CFR 1910.157(e)(2)] Perform an annual maintenance check on portable fire extinguishers.

How many fire extinguishers do I need for my vessel?

Use this chart to determine the type and quantity of fire extinguishers required for your vessel. For carriage requirements, one 5-B is equivalent to one B-I, and one 20-B is equivalent to one B-II.

What are the factors that determine the number of fire extinguishers?

Factors Determining the Necessary Number of Fire Extinguishers 1 Size and Layout of the Building. The square footage of a building and the specific blueprint of the room are key factors in determining the necessary number of fire extinguishers 2 Fire Hazard Level. 3 Location of Fire Extinguishers. 4 Placement of Fire Extinguishers.

What is the minimum distance between two fire extinguishers?

NFPA basic requirements, in a building the fire extinguisher distance will no more than 75 feet between one to another. It also must be accessible. But depends on the room layout it should increase.

What is the difference between Osha and NFPA fire extinguishers?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and building codes apply these factors and conditions when determining the fire extinguisher requirements for a building. The NFPA takes fire extinguisher safety a step further by determining the specific types of fire extinguishers required for each building.