What city is closest to the coordinates 30 N 90 W?

What city is closest to the coordinates 30 N 90 W?

As an example, the location for New Orleans is 30 N, 90 W. This is read as 30 degrees north latitude, and 90 degrees west longitude. The map above shows the New Orleans location.

What city is at 39 degrees longitude 89 degrees latitude?

What city is 39 degrees longitude and 89 degrees latitude? This confluence, 39 north 89 west is located near Vandalia, Illinois, the county seat of Fayette County in the heart of south central Illinois’s farm country.

What city would you find at 39o 57 north latitude 75o 10 west longitude?

Explanation: Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 39.952583, -75.165222. Philadelphia is one of the biggest, the magnificent and the most significant historic cities of the US, its ancient capital city and the region where the Declaration of Independence was announced.

Where is the 38th parallel in the USA?

The 38th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 38 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean. The 38th parallel north formed the border between North and South Korea prior to the Korean War.

Where is the coldest place on Earth at 40 degrees latitude?

To be fair, Sendai, Japan, is also around 40 degrees latitude, and it has nearly freezing temperatures in January. Longitudinally, New York is around the same at 73 degrees West as most of the country of Chile.

What is the longitude and latitude of 45 degrees north latitude?

Latitude: N 45° 0′ Longitude: W 90° 0′ Latitude: 45° Longitude: -90°

How do I find the nearest latitudes to my location?

You can find them by using the grouping function in the lower left corner of the map. Choose “Near Latitude” and then choose the 5 to -10 range. Or, search the map for “0” and choose “0 (Near Latitude).” Macapá, Brazil; Quito, Ecuador; Padang, Indonesia; Libreville, Gabon; Kampala, Uganda

How to find an address from a latitude and longitude coordinate pair?

To find an address from a latitude and longitude coordinate pair enter the coordinates into their corresponding fields (LAT for latitude and LNG for longitude). The coordinates fields accept degrees decimal, degrees minutes decimal or degrees minutes and seconds decimal.