What are words with the prefix Contra?

What are words with the prefix Contra?

Words with the prefix “contra-” (209)

  • contract.
  • contrast.
  • contrary.
  • contractual.
  • contradiction.
  • contractor.
  • contradictory.
  • contraction.

What is the full meaning of Contra?

Acronym. Definition. CONTRA- Against, Opposite (Prefix)

What is origin of prefix Contra?

contra- 1 ,prefix. contra- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “against, opposite, opposing. ” This meaning is found in such words as: contraband, contraception, contradict, contrary.

What does the prefix Contra and contro mean?

contra- contro- and counter- mean “against” (from Latin)

What is the meaning of the prefix syn?

a prefix occurring in loanwords from Greek, having the same function as co- (synthesis; synoptic); used, with the meaning “with,” “together,” in the formation of compound words (synsepalous) or “synthetic” in such compounds (syngas). Also sy-, syl-, sym-, sys-.

Is contra a preposition?

Contra can be a preposition, an adverb or a noun.

Is contra a word in English?

a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite,” “opposing”: contradistinction, contraindicate.

How do you use Contra?

A contra account is used in a general ledger to reduce the value of a related account when the two are netted together. A contra account’s natural balance is the opposite of the associated account. If a debit is the natural balance recorded in the related account, the contra account records a credit.

What are words with the prefix syn?

syn-, prefix. syn- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “with; together. ” This meaning is found in such words as: idiosyncrasy, photosynthesis, synagogue, synchronize, synchronous, synonym, synthesis.

Is Meta a prefix?

Meta comes from the Greek prefix and preposition meta, which means “after” or “beyond.” When combined with words in English, meta- often signifies “change” or “alteration” as in the words metamorphic or metabolic.