What are Viga beams?

What are Viga beams?

Vigas are wooden beams used in the traditional adobe architecture of the American Southwest, especially New Mexico. In this type of construction, the vigas are the main structural members carrying the weight of the roof to the load-bearing exterior walls.

What are Pueblo Revival houses made of?

Earthy materials. Pueblo-style homes are sometimes made of traditional adobe (sun-dried mud), but can also be built with concrete, stucco or mortar. Massive wood components.

What is New Mexico architecture called?

Pueblo style architecture
Pueblo style architecture is most prevalent in the state of New Mexico, it is often blended with the Territorial Revival architecture.

What are the buildings in Santa Fe made out of?

Santa Fe has a distinctive architectural style all its own. No other city in the country has so many low-slung, earth-colored buildings made of adobe bricks, which consist of a mixture of sun-dried earth and straw.

What is Viga in English?

: one of the heavy rafters and especially a log supporting the roof in American Indian and Spanish architecture of the Southwest.

How much is a Viga?

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What are houses called in New Mexico?

Yet you rarely see skyscrapers here. Instead you will find small, dirt-walled houses everywhere. With flat roofs — often with projecting beams — stepped levels and round-edged walls, they are called adobe houses, and they are one of Albuquerque’s defining characteristics.

What is Southwest architecture?

Southwestern style architecture draws inspiration from the desert environment of the Southwestern states and Mexico. It starts with a warm palette and rustic materials. These are often fused with structural elements rooted in history.

What is New Mexico’s most unique building?

Here Are The 13 Weirdest Buildings In New Mexico

  • Green Jeans Farmery, Albuquerque. Facebook/Green Jeans Farmery.
  • The Lensic Theater, Santa Fe.
  • The Library Bar and Grill, Albuquerque.
  • The Snake House, Rio Rancho.
  • Scottish Rite Temple, Santa Fe.
  • KiMo Theatre, Albuquerque.
  • Montezuma Castle, Las Vegas.
  • Treminta Base, Treminta.

What is a latilla?

(ləˈtiːə) noun. US and Canadian. one of a number of sticks or small branches, usually of stripped pine, cedar or aspen, laid across the main beams to form a ceiling.

What does Vega mean in Spanish slang?

(in Spain and Spanish America) a large plain or valley, typically a fertile and grassy one.

What are the best exposed beams in architecture?

Exposing beams of wood, metal, and cement can reveal extraordinary architectural details. One of our favorites is Harry Gesner’s house for John Scantlin (1965), in which the structure of the single-ridge beam is highlighted, while its lateral rib-like beams rise up and out toward the view.

What is an exposed ceiling beam called?

Our recent love of modern farmhouse-style homes has carried with it a renewed appreciation of exposed ceiling beams. Whether you call them cathedral ceilings, vaulted ceilings, or pitched ceilings, exposed ceiling beams are a dramatic crowning feature to any home’s interior and for good reason.

What are beams in construction?

?What are beams in construction? Beams are horizontal structural elements that withstand vertical loads, shear forces, and bending moments. They transfer loads that imposed along their length to their endpoints such as walls, columns, foundations, etc.

What is an L section beam made of?

L-section beam This type of beam is constructed monolithically with a reinforced concrete slab at the perimeter of the structure, as illustrated in Fig. 10. Steel cross sectional shapes include: There are various steel beam cross-sectional shapes.