What are the worst years for Martin Guitars?

What are the worst years for Martin Guitars?

1983/84 were the lowest production years for the modern period (something like 3,000 guitars, I think) and the point at which Martin almost went Bankrupt (according to Chris Martin).

What is the most valuable Martin guitar?

Kurt Cobain’s 1959 Martin D-18E guitar, famously played in Nirvana’s historic 1993 “MTV Unplugged” performance, has smashed the world record price for a guitar at auction, selling for US$6,000,010 at a Julien’s auction in Hollywood today.

Why are old Martin guitars so expensive?

Materials. One reason as to why vintage gear, specifically guitars, are more expensive and sought-after, is because of the materials they are made out of. Certain wood builds can allow a guitar to have better sustain, and also make the guitars more consistent in sound, since all the wood was almost identical.

When were the best Martin guitars made?

1930-1939 are by far the most highly regarded and collectable Martins, but right through to the late 60s were awesome too. I guess if going by decade, you’d put the 30s at one end and the 70s at another.

What are the rarest Martin Guitars?

We have a list of five of the most expensive acoustic guitars ever sold.

  • 11930 Martin OM-45 Deluxe – $300,000.
  • 1936-’42 Martin D-45 – $320,000 to $400,000.
  • D’Angelico New Yorker Teardrop – $500,000.
  • Martin OM-45 Deluxe – $554,500.
  • Eric Clapton’s CF Martin & Co, circa 1939 – $791,500.

Are Martin Guitars valuable?

Martin guitars are definitely worth the money. Martin guitars are known to have even pitch and volume, with excellent projection and a dynamic range, and these guitars range from just over $100 to over $100,000.

Are Martins worth the money?

Are Martin guitars over priced?

Martins are expensive because they are high quality and have a reputation for that quality. In my opinion they are over-priced though, and for the price of a good Martin you can buy a hand made one from a reputable luthier.

Are Martin guitars worth it?

Who plays a Martin guitar?

From Elvis to Willie Nelson and from Thom York of Radiohead to Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, Martin guitars have transcended genre to be beloved by nearly all who play them.

How do I know if my guitar is worth money?

Generally speaking, a lower serial number (for example, “0001”) indicates an older guitar that will be worth more than one with a higher serial number (for example, “0987”). The lowest serial number, indicating the first guitar of that model produced, typically commands the highest price.

How much does a Martin guitar cost?

Martin like most premium guitars come at a cost. The use of the new environment friendly materials are helping lower the cost, but to get that rich solid would tone that is so popular and has made Martin famous, you will be spending a minimum of 2000-3000 dollars for your guitar if you’re getting a new Martin.