What are the theories of reading comprehension?

What are the theories of reading comprehension?

LaBerge and Samuels (1974) proposed a theory of reading comprehension which consists of three memory systems, namely, visual memory system, phonological memory system and semantic memory system, to accommodate different representations of input.

What are the theories to language and literacy teaching and learning?

Literacy theory developed over the last hundred years from in-depth scientific and social research. In this lesson, we will explore three theories that are popular in the field of education: social constructivist, maturationist, and emergent literacy theory.

What is the role of schema theory in reading comprehension?

Readers consciously or unconsciously use the two types of processing interchangeably to construct comprehension. Schema theory guides readers as they make sense of new experiences and also enable them to make predictions about what they might expect to experience in a given context.

What is Vygotsky’s approach on reading?

A recent viewpoint of reading was proposed by Lev Vygotsky (1978) through the socio-cultural theory of learning (Lantolf 2006; Remi & Lawrence, 2012). In the light of such theory, reading is viewed as a social skill that requires an active participation, interaction and involvement of learners (Reza & Mahmood, 2013).

What are theories of literacy?

Theories of skilled literacy are concerned with the processes that are used during reading and writing. Theories of literacy development describe how literacy changes as children gain the language and cognitive skills that underpin those processes. These areas of literacy are interrelated but distinguishable.

What is Piaget’s approach on reading?

What Is the Piaget Reading Theory? Piaget’s theory in a nutshell was that children begin the process of reading and language acquisition by first gathering sensory and motor information. This is information about the way things feel, taste, smell and look.

What is schema theory in academic reading and writing?

Schema theory is an explanation of how readers use prior knowledge to comprehend and learn from text (Rumelhart, 1980). According to schema theory, comprehending a text is an interactive process between the reader’s background knowledge and the text.

What are the two theories of reading?

Theories of Reading First, the traditional theory, or bottom-up processing, which focused on the printed form of a text. (2) the cognitive view or top-down processing enhanced the role of background knowledge in addition to what appeared on the printed page.