What are special holidays in Denmark?

What are special holidays in Denmark?

Public holidays in Denmark

  • New Year’s Day: 1 January.
  • Palm Sunday: 28 March.
  • Maundy Thursday: 1 April.
  • Good Friday: 2 April.
  • Easter Sunday: 4 April.
  • Easter Monday: 5 April.
  • General Prayer Day: 30 April.
  • Ascension Day: 13 May.

What traditions do they have in Denmark?

Traditions such as painting hard-boiled eggs in Easter colours, going on egg hunts, and rolling eggs downhill are popular among children and adults alike. The spring holiday calendar in Denmark also includes Whitsunday and Pentecost, as well as Great Prayer Day – a holiday celebrated only in Denmark.

What is the National Day of Denmark?

June 5
Constitution Day in Denmark is observed on June 5 to commemorate the day that marked the signing of the Danish Constitution along with its four revised editions occurring on the same date. Since the closest thing Danes have to a national day is Constitution Day, it is honored in the full spirit of patriotism.

What is special about Christmas in Denmark?

In Denmark most people go to a Church Service on Christmas Eve about 4.00pm to hear the Christmas sermon or talk. It’s also an old, traditional custom to give animals a treat on Christmas Eve, so some people go for a walk in the park or woods and they might take some food to give the animals and birds.

Is Easter celebrated in Denmark?

Denmark is a Christian country (at least on paper) and Easter celebrations therefore include Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. These are national holidays in Denmark. Schools are closed and most people do not work.

What is popular in Denmark?

Denmark is Famous for Fairy Tale Castles There are literally hundreds of castles and palaces peppered around this tiny country. What’s even better is that many of them are beautiful fairy tale-esque castles. There’s scenic Kronborg Castle, iconic Egeskov Castle, and famous Rosenborg Castle.