What are Rosa Parks major accomplishments?

What are Rosa Parks major accomplishments?

Golden Plate Awards
NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama SeriesSpingarn MedalCongressional Gold MedalPresidential Medal of Freedom
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What are three important events Rosa Parks?

Timeline of Rosa Parks’ Life Events

  • 1900. Segregation law becomes official part of Montgomery City code.
  • 1913. Rosa Louis McCauley born in Tuskegee, Alabama.
  • 1931. Rosa becomes highly active in defending the Scottsboro Boys.
  • 1932. Rosa Louis McCauley weds Raymond Parks.
  • 1943. Rosa joins NAACP.
  • 1943.
  • 1944.
  • 1955.

How old was Rosa Park when she died?

92 years (1913–2005)
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After almost being evicted from her home, local community members and churches came together to support Parks. On October 24th, 2005, at the age of 92, she died of natural causes leaving behind a rich legacy of resistance against racial discrimination and injustice.

What was Rosa Parks legacy?

66 years ago, Rosa kept her seat on a Montgomery bus, was jailed and fined $10, thus sparking the Montgomery Bus Boycott. A catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa’s groundbreaking act proves how change can be made through the protest and civil action of everyday people.

How Will Rosa Parks be remembered?

Rosa Parks was a legendary figure in the American Civil Rights Movement. Her critical role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott made her a national symbol of resistance and her actions led to the overall success of not only the integration of the bus systems across the country, but the passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

What are 5 important events in Rosa Parks life?

1948: Parks becomes the Alabama state secretary for the NAACP. 1949: Parks steps back as NAACP secretary to take care of her mother. 1952: Parks returns to the Montgomery NAACP and once more becomes a branch secretary. August 1955: Parks attends a two-week training session at the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee.

What is Rosa Parks legacy?

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and from there sparked a national civil rights movement for racial equality.

What is Rosa Parks known for today?

Rosa Parks was an American civil rights activist whose refusal to give up her seat on a public bus precipitated the 1955–56 Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama, which became the spark that ignited the civil rights movement in the United States. She is known as the “mother of the civil rights movement.”

What are 20 interesting facts about Rosa Parks?

20 Facts About Rosa Parks

  • 20 Facts About Rosa Parks.
  • Rosa Parks Was Born in Tuskegee, Alabama.
  • When Her Parents Split, Parks Went to Live in Pine Level.
  • Rosa Married Raymond Parks in 1932.
  • In 1943, Rosa Parks Joined the Montgomery Chapter of the NAACP.
  • Buses in Montgomery Had Been Segregated According to Race.

What was Rosa Parks famous quote?

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” “Each person must live their life as a model for others.” “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free…so other people would also be free.” “I knew someone had to take the first step and I made up my mind not to move.”

Is Rosa Park still alive?

Deceased (1913–2005)
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