What are devices called that translate data into a form the computer can process?

What are devices called that translate data into a form the computer can process?

Q. These devices translate data and programsthat humans can understand into a form that the computer can process.
C. output
D. pointer
E. None of these
Answer» b. input

Which operating system is commonly used on mainframes workstations and servers?

One reason is that a given mainframe computer might run multiple operating systems. For example, the use of z/OS, z/VM®, and Linux® on the same mainframe is common. In addition to z/OS, four other operating systems dominate mainframe usage: z/VM, z/VSE™, Linux for System z®, and z/TPF.

What pointing device used most often on microcomputers?

While the most common pointing device by far is the mouse, many more devices have been developed. However, the term mouse is commonly used as a metaphor for devices that move the cursor.

Which device uses light sensing?

Photoresistors (LDR) The most common light sensor type that’s used in a light sensor circuit are photoresistors, also known as a light-dependent resistor (LDR). Photoresistors are used to simply detect whether a light is on or off and compare relative light levels throughout a day.

What is output used for?

An output device is any hardware device used to send data from a computer to another device or user. Usually, most output peripherals are meant for human use, so they receive the processed data from the computer and transform it in the form of audio, video, or physical reproductions.

What type of device translates and image into a language the computer can use to make an image on the screen?

image scanner
An image scanner—often abbreviated to just scanner—is a device that optically scans images, printed text, handwriting or an object and converts it to a digital image. Commonly used in offices are variations of the desktop flatbed scanner where the document is placed on a glass window for scanning.

What operating system does a mainframe use?

The only operating system choices for IBM mainframes were systems developed by IBM itself: first, OS/360, which was replaced by OS/390, which was superseded in the early 2000s by z/OS. z/OS remains IBM’s mainstay mainframe operating system today.

What is desktop system in OS?

The control program that operates in a user’s machine is termed as the desktop system. Such a system is also referred as a client operating system. The client can be said as a computer in a network where the user performs some task or activity over the network.

What is the amount of information that is stored in a dot pixel and expressed in bits called?

Color Depth. Also called bit depth; the amount of information, expressed in bits, that is stored in a dot. -the more bits in a dot or pice, the more shades of gray and colors can be represented.

What kind of topology layout is used by a network that connects all its computers and communications devices to a central server?

A star network is a local area network (LAN) topology in which all nodes — personal computers (PCs), workstations or other devices — are directly connected to a common central computer that is often referred to as a hub. Therefore, a star network is often referred to as a hub-and-spoke network topology.

What kind of device reads bubble marks?

An optical answer sheet or bubble sheet is a special type of form used in multiple choice question examinations. OMR is used to detect answers.

Which kind of device reads the numbers printed at the bottom of checks?

MICR Check Scanner A scanner, or reader-sorter computerized machine, is used to process the information magnetically printed on the checks, including routing number, account number, and check number. MICR is the reason why checks are so uniform in their format.

What was the first big-box store to add self checkouts?

Kmart was the first big-box American retailer to add the company’s self-checkouts to its stores in 2001, and in 2003, it took them out. A few more rounds of acquisitions and asset relocations brought Humble’s original idea into IBM’s hands in 2003, where it still didn’t find mass adoption.

Should convenience stores use self-checkout machines?

Some convenience stores have already been using self-checkout machines in their stores for a few years. They have some advantages: Better in-store optimization thanks to availability of new space with reduction of queues

What are the key features of automated checkout systems?

One of the key features of automated checkout systems is online payment with a pre-registered credit card. Here, 2 people randomly picking items from shelves to demonstrate Standart Cognition’s technology.

Is Wal-Mart testing giant self-checkout stations that will kill cashiers?

Walmart will test out giant self-checkout stations that could eliminate cashiers completely. Wouldn’t it be better if self-checkout just died? Yes! Because you won’t like what it spawns next.