What animals are in Northwest Territories?

What animals are in Northwest Territories?

The NWT is one of the largest areas of pristine wilderness in Canada. There are many opportunities to view wildlife, including bears, wolves, bison, coyotes, foxes, beavers, ravens and porcupines. These animals make their home in the NWT’s forests, rocks, tundra and waterways.

What are the Northwest Territories known for?

The Top 10 Attractions in the Northwest Territories

  • Northern Lights. We don’t need to introduce you to the Northern Lights.
  • Great Slave Lake.
  • Nahanni National Park Reserve.
  • Ice Roads.
  • Wood Buffalo National Park.
  • Canol Trail.
  • Dempster Highway.
  • Great Northern Arts Festival.

Are polar bears in Yellowknife?

As a city in Canada’s north, Yellowknife is often painted with rumours and stereotypes. And, although there are lots of opportunities to see wildlife, there aren’t any polar bears roaming the city streets. …

Are there polar bears in Northwest Territories?

The Northwest Territories (NWT) shares three sub-populations of polar bears, an estimate 3,000 bears, with neighbouring jurisdictions: Southern Beaufort Sea, Northern Beaufort Sea and Viscount Melville Sound. There is also a small number of bears in a fourth subpopulation, Arctic Basin.

What are two facts about Northwest Territories?

10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About The Northwest Territories

  • It is nearly twice the size of Texas.
  • It’s the northern lights mecca of the world.
  • The Northwest Territories is home of the Midnight Sun.
  • It can get real hot in the summer!

What is a fact about Northwest Territories?

The Northwest Territories is the 3rd largest province in Canada in terms of total area with 1,183,085 square kilometers (456,792 square miles). It is the 11th most populous province in Canada. Yellowknife is the capital, only city, and largest community in the Northwest Territories.

What are the natural features of Northwest Territories?

Yukon and the Northwest territories also have vast forests. The natural resources of Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut include wildlife, freshwater, minerals, oil and gas. Yukon and the Northwest territories also have vast forests. Aerial view of the Mackenzie River.

What are the animals like in the Northwest Territories?

In the Northwest Territories, animals can pop up anywhere at any time when you’re on the road. Like the Northern Lights, in the Northwest Territories, wildlife is a part of everyday life and being so close to nature is one of the attractions. Northwest Territories Animals: Spot the black bear.

What kind of whales are in the Northwest Territories?

The most commonly sighted whale in the Northwest Territories, these ghostly white cetaceans are known for their twittering call, flexible neck and bulbous forehead (used for echolocation). Subsisting on a steady diet of marine fish, they can grow 18 feet long and weigh up to two tonnes.

Where can I find Moose in the Northwest Territories?

In summer they feast on pond weeds and waterlillies; in winter they switch to nibbling trees. Moose are nearly ubiquitous in the mainland Northwest Territories, but as lonesome wanderers, there’s no telling when or where they might turn up. Good bets are the Liard Highway or up in the Mackenzie Mountains.

Where are the giant moles in the Northwest Territories?

The beasts also pop up in many other regions of the Northwest Territories, including on the East Arm of Great Slave Lake and along the central Mackenzie River. A few years back, one even made an appearance at popular Cameron Falls, just outside of Yellowknife.