What advantages might sameness yield for contemporary communities The Giver?

What advantages might sameness yield for contemporary communities The Giver?

One advantage of “sameness” in todays world is no jelousy over wealth, fasion, or popularity. Another advantage would be no violence like murder, or bullying. It would be nice not to have jealousy or violence, but in today’s world everyone has emotions and feelings.

What are the advantages of sameness according to the community?

Some of the advantages of Sameness in The Giver include stability, safety, and economic productivity. The ruling Committee of Elders requires each citizen to conform to society’s standards and creates a completely safe, comfortable environment where everyone plays a specific role.

What are the advantages of sameness in The Giver?

sameness is good because it keeps people out of danger like how the giver said it would and they would never experience pain or hunger or even thirst. Examples: As the Giver showed Jonas a memory of pain..”Jonas’s arms immobilized with pain…”

What are some advantages and disadvantages of sameness in The Giver?

Having Sameness is more of a disadvantage than because no one would have the freedom of choice and life is going to be dull for them. When everything is the same within the community, Sameness is more of a disadvantage than an advantage because no one would have freedom of choice.

What are some advantages of everyone being the same?

If everyone was of equal strength, looks, and intelligence, etc., there would be less feelings of inadequacy, envy, and jealousy. If everyone was equal in every way, everyone would have the same thoughts, bodies, movements, tastes, preferences and so on.

Why did the community in the giver go to sameness?

The people chose Sameness in order to control everything in their environment and their citizens, to prevent anyone from feeling discomfort. At first, Jonas does not see anything unusual about Sameness.

Why did the community in The Giver go to sameness?

How does the society or the community achieve sameness?

In The Giver, Sameness is the ideology under which Jonas’s community operates. It is believed that the the community will be peaceful and stable through conformity, so the leaders enforce conformity through various means, such as causing all citizens to dress the same and have similar physical features.

Why did the community go to sameness?

What are the good things about being different from one another?

Being different makes you more fascinating Showing it makes you stand out, it draws more attention to you, and it makes people want to get to know you more. You’ll leave an everlasting impression on others just by simply being yourself.

What’s good about being different?

Being different means you stand out, which is a good thing in a world where everyone is trying to blend in. It means you’re interesting, because you’re different. It means you are less restricted by what’s comfortable, able to explore new ground, not afraid of things because you don’t know about them.

How important is sameness in Jonas’s community how important is it in your community?

Sameness makes everyone in the society fungible in most ways, so that any woman can be designated to set up household with any man, and any two children can be chosen to be placed into that household. So there is an ease of administration for the ruling elders.

What advantages does sameness bring to a community?

One advantage that “Sameness’ would bring to a community is that there wouldn’t be any stealing, because everyone would have the same belongings, food, and houses. Another advantage of non-diversity is that racism would not exist. Everyone would have the same skin color and have the same religion. There wouldn’t be any cultural differences.

What is the relationship between the giver and pre-sameness Society?

In any case, the community seems to appropriate some of the gender distinctions of pre-Sameness society, but uses them for entirely different purposes. The Giver, however, seems to have more nostalgic, traditional notions about gender differences, or at least about femininity.

Is sameness a good or bad thing?

Sameness would be a good idea because people would not steal, because they have the same things. Loss of diversity is not worthwile because everything the same would be like a blank piece of paper. People would be exactly alike. Without diversity people would be like lines on a paper; straight, alike, and aligned.