Is Shriram Life Insurance is government or private?

Is Shriram Life Insurance is government or private?

Shriram Life Insurance Company Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 15 Mar, 2005.

Who is the owner of Shriram Life Insurance?

Manoj Jain, MD & CEO, Shriram Life Insurance Co.

What is the minimum premium under Shriram Life Assured Income Plan?

Premium Details

Particular Details
Benefit Payout Period Same as policy term
Premium Mode Yearly/Half-Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly
Minimum Annual Premium Rs. 15,000
Maximum Annual Premium Rs. 5,00,000

What is sum assured in Shriram Life Insurance?

Where Sum assured is the absolute amount assured to be paid on death in lump sum which is equal to 10 times the single premium for Option I and 1.25 times the single premium for Option II.

What does Shriram Life Insurance company do?

Shriram Life Insurance Company is a well-known insurance company in India which provides various types of products such as simple protection plans, plans which offers both protection and savings, etc. which you can buy depending on your various needs.

Who is the foreign partner of Shriram Life Insurance company?

Sanlam Life Insurance Ltd is one of the largest providers of life insurance in South Africa with 3.2 million individual policies under administration. It has a significant presence across South Africa, the UK and Namibia. It has a 26 per cent stake in the holding company, Shriram Capital.

What is Shriram Fortune?

Welcome to Shriram Fortune Solutions Ltd. (SFSL). SFSL is among India’s premier integrated financial services provider backed by the Shriram Group of Chennai, helping people protect and grow their wealth. Know More.

Who is the foreign partner of Shriram Life Insurance Company?

What is the policy term of Shriram Life New Shri Vidya?

New Shri Vidya. UIN-128N051101. A non-linked participating Plan *The guaranteed surrender value in the second year is applicable only if the premium paying term is 7 years. The Minimum Guaranteed Surrender Value shall be the sum of guaranteed surrender value and the guaranteed surrender value of any subsisting bonus.

What is Shriram super income plan?

Shriram Life Super Income Plan is a guaranteed plan for individuals who need life insurance and regular income till Age 75.

When was Shriram Life Insurance started?

Shriram Group is a financial services corporation founded on April 5, 1974 by Ramamurthy Thyagarajan, AVS Raja and T. Jayaraman. Shriram life insurance has their headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Who is the Indian partner of Shriram Life Insurance Company?