Is SCS better than IHC?

Is SCS better than IHC?

Many riders have been confused with the difference between HIC and IHC as companies evolve and strengthen their compression systems to build more reliable parts. HIC/SCS forks are thicker than IHC, adding to the overall strength.

What is a SCS scooter compression?

Standard Compression System (SCS) The Standard Compression System or SCS, is the strongest compression system of the three. It was created by the owner of Proto Scooters, Andrew Broussard. This can be a disadvantage for those of who are weight conscious with your scooter and want the lightest ride possible.

What are the different types of compression on a scooter?

The three most popular types of pro scooter compression systems are:

  • HIC (Hidden Internal Compression)
  • SCS (Standard Compression System)
  • ICS (Internal/Inverted Compression System)

How tight should IHC compression be?

Next put the HIC/IHC shim on your fork and tighten it with your 5mm allen key. Tighten it to the point where it goes around about one spin when you spin the front wheel with your hand. You want your compression to be super tight if you want a dialed scooter. Your scooter should be pretty dialed now.

What is SCS clamp?

Collar clamps hold the scooter bars in place and help to spread the pressure put on the bars when performing tricks. …

What is the best compression type for a scooter?

Scooter Compression System/ICS (Inverted Compression System) ICS is the easiest compression system and the cheapest as well.

What is a compression system?

Abstract. A compression system is a simple arrangement of equipment designed to produce clean, dry compressed gas or air for industrial applications. These equipment types are used to transfer or compress light hydrocarbon gases, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, chlorine and a variety of specialty gases.

Do HIC bars fit IHC?

Answer: You can’t run HIC with standard diameter bars. However, IHC is a lot like HIC for standard diameter bars. You’ll need a tapered IHC fork to do this.

How does a SCS clamp work?

Scooter Compression System/SCS (Standard Compression System) SCS is a system which combines the clamp and the compression system. The lower half of the SCS clamp is placed over the steerer tube on the fork. The lower part of the bar slides into the upper half of the clamp (as seen in the picture).

How good is the SCS compression system?

SCS is for sure the strongest compression system out there. First I’ll tell you the best parts about riding SCS. It’s super strong. You’re never going to have to worry about your bars snapping down a huge gap. Also it looks really sick and keeps your scooter super dialed. The bad thing about SCS is it’s the heaviest compression system.

What is compression on a pro scooter?

Scooter Compression is basically the way in which mechanicaly your bars, forks and deck are all attached together on your pro scooter. The three most popular types of pro scooter compression systems are: All Compression systems are good in some ways hard in others.

Are titanium bars compatible with SCS compression?

In general, titanium bars are considered oversized. This makes them perfect for SCS compression. And, if you add an oversized clamp, titanium bars are compatible with HIC and IHC compression. At Sacrifice Scooters, we have developed and rigorously tested our super strong and lightweight titanium bars.

What is the difference between SCs and HIC on a bike?

HIC stands for Hidden Internal Compression. It is generally cheaper than SCS and is a great option for riders on a budget. This solid compression system still gives the reliability of SCS and is relatively easy to work with. You simply loosen the clamp and remove the scooter bars, to tighten the compression system.