Is restaurant a proper noun?

Is restaurant a proper noun?

The word ‘restaurant’ can be used as either a common or a proper noun. When it is not used as the name of a specific restaurant, it is a common noun….

Why is McDonald’s possessive?

Originally Answered: What is the plural of McDonald’s as in the possessive form when McDonald’s is the subject? The reasoning behind this is that as a part of speech, this is not viewed as a possessive, but rather just a regular proper noun that began its life as a possessive.

Is pizza a proper noun?

The word ‘pizza’ is a common noun unless it is used as part of the name of a specific brand of pizza or a pizza restaurant.

Is Burger King a common noun or proper noun?

There are two kinds of nouns: proper and common. Proper nouns are those who name a specific person, place or thing. Nouns like John, Los Angeles, Burger King, Whittier Boulevard, United States of America, Europe, and The San Diego Chargers, are proper nouns.

Does McDonalds use an apostrophe?

The McDonald’s corporation uses apostrophe-s; the Starbucks corporation does not; the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs does not (see their respective official websites).

How is McDonalds spelled?

Some families spell it one way, some another: Macdonald is the same as McDonald and Mcdonald. Old records contain spellings Mac and others Mc, because standardised spelling is a very recent phenomenon. The spelling can even change over the life of one person.

Is Burger a common noun?

Thanks. The name hamburger comes from the seaport town of Hamburg in Germany. So burger and hamburger are common nouns. Hamburger is a common noun because it is not addressing a specific person, place, or thing.