Is responsible for example?

Is responsible for example?

1 He is directly responsible for this. 2 The insurance company is responsible for this case. 3 A product manager is responsible for product profitability. 4 He still felt responsible for her death.

How do you use responsibly in a sentence?

Responsibly sentence example. She is acting responsibly in his behalf. She shopped responsibly , but this time she picked up healthy fresh fruit and vegetables – something she previously would have had to replace with canned food.

What’s a good example sentence?

You must set a good example to the children. 7. The book is a good example of Ruritanian adventure. Parents should set a good example to their children.

What is a good sentence for used?

Used Sentence Examples He used to be a pretty good mechanic. He is selling a used vehicle that is five years old. I’ll just have to get used to being idle.

How do you write responsibility?

Be very specific when writing roles and responsibilities because job descriptions guide personnel actions, including hiring and firing.

  1. Use Action Words.
  2. Provide Detail.
  3. Communicate Expectations.
  4. Include Competencies and Skills.
  5. Establish Company Standards.

What is the sentence of professional?

1, The best professional musicians start young. 2, She is a professional actress. 3, After this heartbreaking experience, Thorpe turned to professional sports. 4, A lawyer is a professional man.

What does responsibly mean?

When you do something in a careful, trustworthy way, you do it responsibly. If you spend your money responsibly, you’ll probably be able to save some of it.

Do we say responsible of or responsible for?

The adjective responsible can be followed by the prepositions for or to. Use for when you are naming a task that a person or group has to carry out: We are responsible for the program.

Can sample sentence?

Could sentence example

  • I wish you could hear yourself talking.
  • What could he do about it but lose more sleep?
  • How could she blame him?
  • How could he find out?
  • I never thought I could do it.
  • I had let so much gas out of my balloon that I could not rise again, and in a few minutes the earth closed over my head.

What is a responsible person?

Becoming a responsible person means being able to consciously make decisions, conduct behaviors that seek to improve oneself and/or help others. Most importantly, a responsible person accepts the consequences of his or her own actions and decisions.

How do you use responsibility in a sentence?

use “responsibility” in a sentence. It is your responsibility to make sure that your homework is done on time. You children are responsible for making sure that all your toys are put away before supper. It is totally irresponsible for you to get your girlfriend pregnant, and then break up with her.

What is the word responsibility?

responsibility(Noun) The state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable. Responsibility is a heavy burden. responsibility(Noun) A duty, obligation or liability for which someone is held accountable. responsibility(Noun) The obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion.

What is the principle of responsibility?

The single responsibility principles is a computer programming principle that states that every module or class should have responsibility over a single part of the functionality provided by the software, and that responsibility should be entirely encapsulated by the class.

Is responsibilities a noun?

Word forms: responsibilities. 1. uncountable noun. If you have responsibility for something or someone, or if they are your responsibility, it is your job or duty to deal with them and to make decisions relating to them.