Is keen walking the same as keen?

Is keen walking the same as keen?

You are correct Keen Walking has nothing to do with KEEN and is not affiliated with KEEN in shape or form and is not a authorized dealer of KEEN.

How can I get free Keen shoes?

Just go to and you only need to provide your email and the email of the person you are nominating. The person nominated will receive an email inviting them to pick a pair of shoes or boots from the site and provide shipping information. Keen will ship a free pair of shoes to them at no cost.

Is keen outlet shop legit?

It is a complaint about a website, masquerading as a Keen site: The site looks legit, with older versions of products. It collects info, including name, address and credit card number, but does not allow order to process.

Is KEEN a good shoe brand?

KEEN: brand overview The brand built its reputation on waterproof sandals before breaking through with its casual shoes, work boots, and hiking footwear. Keens are relatively affordable (at least for hiking boots). Within the outdoor industry, they’re considered a good brand, not a premium brand.

Where is KEEN based?

Portland, Oregon
Keen (stylized KEEN) is an American footwear and accessories company based in Portland, Oregon….Keen (shoe company)

Type Private
Founded Alameda, CA (2003)
Headquarters Portland, Oregon (2006), U.S.45.52672°N 122.6846°WCoordinates:45.52672°N 122.6846°W
Key people Martin Keen, Rory Fuerst
Products Shoes, boots, clothing, bags

Are keen shoes comfortable?

My feet are wider than a average person and Keens have been the only shoe that has been truly comfortable. These shoes have great for arch support as well. I’ve owned this pair for 3 months with every day usage and part of the treads are separating from the bottom of the shoe.

How long do keen work boots last?

If you pick the type of Keen shoe that’s best suited to your daily routine, you can expect the following lifespan: Keen Utility Footwear – Keen utility footwear generally lasts six months to one year.

Are KEEN shoes made in China?

KEEN products are manufactured around the world, including in factories in the United States, Cambodia, China, India, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam.

Do Keens run true to size?

The shoes run true to size. 11 with normal socks should do. I would stick with your normal size. Most all Keen shoes I take a half size larger, but not these.

Are keen shoes made in America?

Our American Built products are assembled with pride in Portland, Oregon, using the finest materials sourced from around the world. We’re proud to bring footwear manufacturing back to the USA, and to do it all in one of America’s most modern factories, where our focus on quality and craftsmanship is magnified.

Where is the KEEN warehouse?

PORTLAND, OREGON. The Portland KEEN Garage is located in the heart of Portland’s Pearl district. Home to KEEN Footwear’s world headquarters, this space was designed to highlight our focus on sustainability, including fixtures and furniture built out of repurposed materials.

Are keen shoes made in China?