Is Hampson a Viking name?

Is Hampson a Viking name?

One theory is that Hampson (Hempson, O’Hampson, O’hAmhsaigh, O’Hampsey) is an Irish surname. Within Ireland, variants of the surname Hampson or Hampsey originated as shortened Anglicized forms of the Gaelic surname Ó hAmhsaigh, meaning ‘descendant of Amhsach’.

What is the meaning of Lascelles?

the saddle
Lascelles (pronounced Lassels or ‘La-sells’) is an English surname of Norman French origin whose translation means the saddle. The surname was introduced into England by followers of William the Conqueror after 1066.

Where does the name shufflebottom come from?

The surname Shufflebottom was first found in Lancashire where they held a family seat. This ancient name had a variety of spellings from Shovellbottom to Shoebottom. That it is a Lancashire name cannot be questioned.

Where does the name Seager originate?

The surname Seager was first found in the province of Wuerttemburg, where the name Seeger was closely identified in early mediaeval times with the Feudal System that became prominent throughout Europe.

Is Tommy in the crown real?

Sir Alan Frederick “Tommy” Lascelles, GCB, GCVO, CMG, MC (/ˈlæsəls/; 11 April 1887 – 10 August 1981) was a British courtier and civil servant who held several positions in the first half of the twentieth century, culminating in his position as Private Secretary to both King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Was Tommy Lascelles a real person?

This man was Alan “Tommy” Lascelles, former Private Secretary to George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, and the Assistant Private Secretary to Edward VIII when he was Prince of Wales.

What does the surname shufflebotham mean?

Last name: Shufflebotham This interesting surname of English origin is a locational name from Shipperbottom in Lancashire, deriving from the Old English pre 7th Century “scepwoella” meaning “spring where sheep are washed” plus “boom” valley.

What does the surname Seager mean?

Last name: Seager This very interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon or Norse-Viking origin. It derives from the pre 7th Century personal name “saegar”, which translates as “sea-spear”.

Is Seager a German name?

‘sea’ + gar ‘spear’. Americanized spelling of German Seeger.

Who did Townsend marry?

Marie-Luce Jamagnem. 1959–1995
Rosemary Pratt, Marchioness Camdenm. 1941–1952
Peter Townsend/Spouse

What happened to Martin Charteris?

He fought in the Middle East during the Second World War, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. On his return, he married the Hon. Mary Margesson (a daughter of the 1st Viscount Margesson) on 16 December 1944 in Jerusalem and they had three children. He retired from the Army in 1951.

Who was King George VI right hand man?

Peter Townsend (RAF officer)

Peter Townsend
Flight Lieutenant Townsend in 1940
Born 22 November 1914 Rangoon, Burma, British India (now Yangon, Myanmar)
Died 19 June 1995 (aged 80) Saint-Leger-en-Yvelines, France
Allegiance United Kingdom