Is Finland part of Europe or Asia?

Is Finland part of Europe or Asia?

Finland, or the Republic of Finland as it is officially called, is a sovereign Nordic country located in Northern Europe. Finland is bound to the northwest by the neighboring Sweden while Norway and Russia are to the north and east respectively.

What world region is Finland in?

northern Europe
Finland is part of Scandinavia, a geographical region in northern Europe, and shares land borders with Norway, Sweden, and Russia. The Baltic Sea borders the country to the south and southwest.

Is Finland still a country?

Formerly a grand duchy in the Russian empire, the country became independent in 1917. Finland is since then a formally neutral country, and like Sweden not a member of NATO. Finland covers an area of 338,145 km², making it almost the size of Germany, or slightly smaller than the US state of Montana.

Is Finland part of Russia?

After the Finnish War in 1809, Finland was ceded to the Russian Empire (excluding the areas of modern-day Northern Sweden where Meänkieli dialects of Finnish are spoken), making this area the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland.

Does Finland belong to Asia?

Finland, country located in northern Europe.

Why is it called Finland?

One theory is that the name ‘Finland’ comes from the Old English word a general term once used to describe people from Scandinavia. Despite having being referred to by some variation of ‘Finland’ since medieval times, the Finns continue as they have for centuries, referring to their country, and themselves, as ‘Suomi’.

Who rules Finland?


Republic of Finland Suomen tasavalta (Finnish) Republiken Finland (Swedish)
Demonym(s) Finnish Finn
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
• President Sauli Niinistö
• Prime Minister Sanna Marin

When did Finland leave Sweden?

On 17 September 1809, the period of Swedish rule over the rest of Finland came to an end when the Treaty of Hamina was signed, ending the Finnish War. As a result, the eastern third of Sweden was ceded to the Russian Empire and became established as the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland.

What is the capital city of Finland?


Helsinki, Swedish Helsingfors, capital of Finland. It is the leading seaport and industrial city of the nation. Helsinki lies in the far south of the country, on a peninsula that is fringed by fine natural harbours and that protrudes into the Gulf of Finland.

How far is Finland from the US?

The total distance from United States to Finland is 4,751 miles. This is equivalent to 7 646 kilometers or 4,128 nautical miles. Your trip begins in the United States.

What is Finland best known for?

What Is Finland Known For. Finland is best known for its exotic beauty, architecture, lakes and the proximity to beautiful sunsets. Finland is called the land of thousands of lakes.

What are the bordering countries of Finland?

Bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia , and Gulf of Finland , as well as Sweden, Norway, and Russia, Finland is the northernmost country in the European Union .

What are the major religions of Finland?

Finland is a predominantly Christian nation where some 73% of the 5.5 million overall population follow Christianity; the vast majority being members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (Protestant), 26.3% are atheists, having no religious belief at all, and 1.6% follow other religions like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, folk religion