Is Dork Diaries getting a movie?

Is Dork Diaries getting a movie?

The 8th grade adventures of Nikki Maxwell are finally coming to the big screen as Summit Entertainment announces a new franchise based on Rachel Renee Russell’s popular Ya novel series Dork Diaries.

Can a 15 year old read Dork Diaries?

When you read the fine print on the back cover of the book, it says that Dork Diaries is for ages 9-13. But Dork Diaries is for anyone who enjoys it! Kid, teen, adult, even grandma!

How do I order Dork Diaries?

  1. Book 1. Dork Diaries 10th Anniversary. Book 1.
  2. Book 2. Dork Diaries: Party Time. Book 2.
  3. Book 3. Dork Diaries: Pop Star. Book 3.
  4. Book 3.5. Dork Diaries 3.5 How to Dork Your Diary. Book 3.5.
  5. Book 4. Dork Diaries: Skating Sensation.
  6. Book 5. Dork Diaries: Dear Dork.
  7. Book 6. Dork Diaries: Holiday Heartbreak.
  8. Book 7. Dork Diaries: TV Star.

What race is Nikki Maxwell?

“Nikki Maxwell is Caucasian, Zoeysha Ebony Franklin is African American and Chloe Christina Garcia is Latina,” Rachel says.

What age is Nikki in Dork Diaries?

The series, written in a diary format, uses drawings, doodles, and comic strips to chronicle the daily life of its 14-year-old protagonist, Nikki Maxwell.

How old is Nikki Maxwell?

That description fits lead character Nikki Maxwell, an artsy 14-year-old who’s a self-described dork and the “ninth most unpopular girl” at Westchester Country Day. Key characters include her brown-haired crush, Brandon Roberts, and her mean-girl nemesis, MacKenzie Hollister.

What does Zoey look like in Dork Diaries?

Appearance. Zoey has straight black hair that curves at her shoulders with bangs parted to the sides. She sometimes puts her hair in pigtails (shown in photo), and is mentioned to wear lip gloss. She usually wears blouses, jeans, and a few accessories much like her friends.