Is axis a C1 or C2?

Is axis a C1 or C2?

The axis is the second cervical vertebra, commonly called C2. It is an atypical cervical vertebra with unique features and important relations that make it easily recognisable. Its most prominent feature is the odontoid process (also know as the dens or peg), which is embryologically the body of the atlas (C1) 1,2.

Is the axis C1?

The C1 and C2 vertebrae are the first two vertebrae at the top of the cervical spine. Together they form the atlantoaxial joint, which is a pivot joint. The C1 sits atop and rotates around C2 below. They are also called the atlas and axis vertebrae.

What is atlas and axis?

The atlas is the first cervical (neck) vertebra which is just under the head; it is named for Atlas, the Greek god who supported the world on his shoulders. The axis is the second cervical vertebra; it has what is called the odontoid process about which the atlas rotates. It allows the head turn from side to side.

Why C2 is called axis?

C2 (cervical vertebra): C2 is the symbol for the second cervical vertebra, which is also called the axis. It is so-named because the uppermost cervical vertebra (called the atlas) rotates about the odontoid process of the second cervical vertebra. The Latin word “axis” means axle or pole.

Is C2 The atlas?

The C1 vertebrae is named atlas and the C2 vertebrae is named axis. As well as protecting the spinal cord, these vertebrae are primarily responsible for facilitating and controlling the large range of movement that your neck has, and supporting the considerable weight of your skull at the tip of your spine.

Where is the axis C2?

cervical vertebra
The axis (C2) cervical vertebra is the second vertebra of the spine. It is unique in that it contains the odontoid process — odontoid means “tooth” and that is what this bone looks like — that forms a pivot point on which C1 atlas can rotate. Injuries to the odontoid are common in motor vehicle accidents and falls.

Can C1 and C2 cause headaches?

Role of Spinal Nerves C1, C2 and/or C3 may be involved in development of cervicogenic headaches because these nerves enable function (movement) and sensation of the head and neck. Nerve compression can cause inflammation and pain.

Where is C1 and C2 on the spine?

What are the C1 and C2 vertebrae? The C1 and C2 vertebrae are the highest of the spinal vertebrae and are located at the very top of the neck, connecting the head to the spine. The C1 vertebrae is named atlas and the C2 vertebrae is named axis.

Is axis A cervical vertebrae?

What is the axis vertebra?

Introduction. The Axis (C2 vertebra) also known as epistropheus forms the pivot upon which the first cervical vertebra (the Atlas), which carries the head, rotates. The axis is composed of a vertebral body, heavy pedicles, laminae, and transverse processes, which serve as attachment points for muscles.

What is C1 atlas?

The C1 atlas is the uppermost cervical vertebra of the spine. It supports the head and — along with the C2 axis, the cervical vertebra just below it — allows the head to nod and rotate from side to side.

What is vertebrae C2?