Is Amy in love with Sonic?

Is Amy in love with Sonic?

In Sonic X it’s been canon confirmed he’s in love with Amy and has been hinted at in Boom as well and in a show called Sonic Minecraft series Sonic falls in love with Amy and become a couple.

Who is better Knuckles or Sonic?

There are several times where his strength is compared to Sonic’s speed. Because Sonic can run between Mach 1 and Mach 5, that would mean that Knuckles can effectively lift between 100 and 500 metric tons. This easily makes him the strongest character in the entire franchise, let alone between him and Sonic.

Who is Knuckles the Hedgehog’s girlfriend?

Love life. Julie-su is the girlfriend of Knuckles. In the 25-years later series, she is shown to eventually settle down with Knuckles and has a daughter, Lara-su, with him.

Is Amy Rose stronger than Knuckles?

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Amy is the strongest character in terms of Smash ability, being the only character who can reach Level 3. (Knuckles and E-123 Omega can only reach Level 2 Smash ability.)

Who is Amy Rose boyfriend?

Dexter (デクスター, Dekusutā?) is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a fictional boyfriend that Amy Rose fabricated during the Nocturnus Clan incident in an attempt to make Sonic the Hedgehog jealous.

Who is Amy Rose Husband?

Jeffrey Lee Silverman
Amy Rose Silverman (born 1966) is an American real estate developer and philanthropist who serves as President and CEO of Rose Associates….

Amy Rose Silverman
Spouse(s) Jeffrey Lee Silverman
Children David Evan, Samantha Belle and Julie Elizabeth
Parent(s) Susan Wechsler Rose Elihu Rose

What is Knuckles afraid of?

Knuckles could be considered the only non-hedgehog playable character in Sonic Rivals. In one of Knuckles’ Sonic Adventure 2 themes, A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup, he states that he is not afraid of anything, but before fighting King Boom Boo it is revealed that Knuckles is afraid of ghosts when he says, “What the?

Was Knuckles a bad guy?

However in later games, their relationship became more unequivocal: Knuckles entered the series as an antagonist of Sonic, but later becomes one of the protagonists and sees him as a best friend, while envying Sonic’s adventurous lifestyle. He is depicted as somewhat gullible and very rash, especially when angered.

Is Knuckles as strong as Sonic?

Although he’d probably do a lot better if he just showed them his cool Jamaican shoes. While he’s not as fast a Sonic, Knuckles is actually as strong as Sonic is fast. That’s pretty remarkable, considering Sonic often just appears as a blur.

Would knuckles have trouble with the ladies?

You really wouldn’t think a cool dude like Knuckles would have trouble with the ladies, but hey, the guy’s a beginner. Although he’d probably do a lot better if he just showed them his cool Jamaican shoes. While he’s not as fast a Sonic, Knuckles is actually as strong as Sonic is fast.

What is Knuckles’ favorite food?

According to the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 manual, Knuckles does have a favorite food and, if you couldn’t guess from this entry’s terrible title, it’s grapes. It’s just nice to see a member of the Sonic team actually eat something healthy, unlike chili dogs. Seriously, how does Sonic run after eating those things?

How strong is Knuckles the Echidna?

Add to that the fact that Knuckles is still pretty fast himself, and you’ve got one heck of a powerful echidna. RELATED: 10 Video Game Characters That Deserve A Movie More Than Sonic Since Sonic’s footspeed ranges between Mach 1-5, that would mean Knuckles can lift somewhere in the area of 100-500 metric tons.