How old was Nathan Sykes in the wanted?

How old was Nathan Sykes in the wanted?

28 years (April 18, 1993)
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Why did Nathan leave the wanted?

The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes has been forced to leave the band for surgery on to try and save his voice. The 19 year-old boyband star is said to be suffering from a ‘haemorrhaging vocal cord’ – the same condition that threatened to wreck singer Adele’s career – and will undergo an operation on Thursday.

What genre is Nathan Sykes?

Electronic dance music
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What does Nathan Sykes do now?

Who would have thought? Nathan was the support act on Little Mix’s 2016 tour and also toured with Alessia Cara. Recently he said on Twitter he will be releasing more music at some point this year. He’s also done a lot of work with children’s charities.

Did The Wanted split up?

After seven years apart, The Wanted announced in September 2021 that they would officially be reuniting to release a Greatest Hits album and perform at member Tom’s Inside My Head concert, which was hosted at Royal Albert Hall.

What band is Nathan Sykes from?

The WantedSince 2009
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Nathan James Sykes (born 18 April 1993) is an English singer, songwriter and record producer. He is best known for being the youngest member of the British boy band The Wanted.

Why did the wanted break up?

In a telling 2014 interview, Max, 31, revealed the real reason behind their break was due to growing tensions after he and Nathan, 27, pushed for a hiatus. But Tom, 31, Siva, also 31, and Jay, 29 disagreed fiercely. He told the Sun on Sunday: “There has been a lot of tension. Our personal lives drove us apart.”

Which wanted member has a brain tumour?

Tom Parker, a singer with chart-topping boyband the Wanted, has revealed on social media that his brain tumour has been brought “under control”. The musician, 33, had announced in October 2020 that he had been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour.

What happened to Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks?

He met Ariana Grande through Twitter in the summer of 2012. The two began long distance dating later that year until they finally met in person in New York City on December 30, 2012. They broke up in August 2013 and a couple of months later Jai accused Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.

Is The Wanted band still together?

Why did The Wanted break up?