How old is Torrie?

How old is Torrie?

46 years (July 24, 1975)
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Where is Torrie Wilson now?

entertainer. entrepreneur and health advocate, according to official Instagram page. Wilson currently promotes a fitness lifestyle brand through her social media platforms. She may actually look as good, if not better, than she did back in her WWE days.

Why did Torrie Wilson retire?

Torrie Wilson, one of the longest- tenured female members of the WWE, has decided to retire. It was an amicable departure because Wilson’s injury problems have made it unsafe for her to continue wrestling. The popular diva had to do something she rarely did in the ring – submit.

Is Torrie Wilson still married?

Torrie Anne Wilson (born July 24, 1975) is an American model, fitness competitor, blogger, and professional wrestler….

Torrie Wilson
Residence Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Spouse(s) Billy Kidman ​ ​ ( m. 2003; div. 2008)​ Justin Tupper ​ ( m. 2019)​
Professional wrestling career

Did Billy Kidman date Torrie Wilson?

#1 Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman Kidman and Wilson married after four years together back in 2003 after Kidman’s release back in 2005, Wilson and Kidman’s marriage seemed to break down and ended in divorce back in 2008.

Who is Torrie Wilson dating now?

WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson announced Thursday that she got married to Revolution Golf CEO and founder Justin Tupper. The 44-year-old Wilson revealed the news on Instagram, writing, “I married the most incredible human today & words cannot describe how grateful I am. Just us & the doggies in Sedona. So magical.”

Is Stacy Keibler married?

Jared Pobrem. 2014
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Is Billy Kidman still married to Torrie Wilson?

How old is Randy Orton?

41 years (April 1, 1980)
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What nationality is Jared Pobre?

Jared Pobre/Nationality

Who dated Torrie Wilson?

#6 Torrie Wilson (dated Alex Rodriguez) The couple was together during the final years of Rodriguez’s stint as a legendary MLB player.

Does Randy Orton have a son?

Orton is married for the second time. He has five children, including three stepsons and two daughters, the youngest of whom was born in November of 2016. She is the couple’s only child together.