How old is Mikan Sakura?

How old is Mikan Sakura?

Mikan Sakura
Age 10 (Debut) 11 (Chapter 53) 12 (Chapter 139) 17 (Chapter 180)
Height 138cm (Debut) 158cm (Final Chapter)
Weight 33kg (Debut) 47kg (Final Chapter)
Birthday January 1 (Adoption) May 17 (Actual)

What kind of Alice does Mikan have?

Mikan Sakura (Sakura Mikan 佐倉 蜜柑?), or more appropriately,Mikan Yukihira is the female protagonist of Gakuen Alice, who posses three very unique Alices—the Nullification, Stealing, and Insertion Alices.

Does Mikan like Hotaru?

Hotaru confesses to Mikan before she teleports, that she loves Mikan as a best friend, thanks Mikan for changing her, and tells her to continue to always smile.

What star rank is Mikan?

Mikan is accepted by a few classmates, except by Natsume’s followers. She receives a No-Star rank because Jinno-sensei doesn’t like her. Mikan learns the basic forms and types of Alices, as well as the five classes based on what Alice the student has.

Did Mikan found Hotaru?

Hotaru is reunited with Mikan when Mikan and Natsume escape from the Elementary Principal and they promise that they will meet up again as Hotaru stays behind to fight the academy police.

Did Mikan really lose her Alice?

The HSP tells Mikan that she had lost her Alice from when she stopped Natsume’s flames. Saddened that she is no longer an Alice and that she may not be able to save Natsume, Mikan breaks down. But the HSP offers her a last chance to save Natsume from dying. He gives her her own Alice stone.

How many episodes does Alice Academy have?

26 episodes
Gakuen Alice is a 2004 Japanese anime television series based on the manga series of the same name by Tachibana Higuchi. Consisting of 26 episodes and one special, the series aired on NHK-BS2 between October 30, 2004 and May 14, 2005.

Will there be a season 2 of Gakuen Alice?

Still, even with the appeal of another season, or reboot, it’s unfortunately unlikely. Gakuen Alice is a hidden gem throughout Shoujo, and very underrated at that.

Will there be a Gakuen Alice sequel?

Hikari Andō (安藤 光, , Andō Hikari?) is the main female protagonist of Higuchi Tachibana’s new sequel to Gakuen Alice titled Kageki no Kuni no Alice….

Hikari Andō
Alice Non-Alice
Alice Academy
School Alice Academy Opera Troupe School

How many volumes of Gakuen Alice are there?

Gakuen Alice

学園アリス (Gakuen Arisu)
Magazine Hana to Yume
Demographic Shōjo
Original run 19 February 2003 – 20 June 2013
Volumes 31

How many chapters are in Gakuen Alice?

Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice Manga
Genre: Shoujo, Slice of life, Romance, Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy,Mystery, School life, Tragedy, Supernatural, Psychological.
Original Run: 19 February 2003 – 20 June 2013
Volumes: 31
Chapters : 180

Does Mikan lose her Alice?