How old is Kurt Darren?

How old is Kurt Darren?

51 years (February 19, 1970)
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How tall is Kurt Darren?

6′ 4″
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What happened Kurt Darren?

Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren’s family is safe after being involved in a car accident in KwaZulu-Natal on Friday afternoon.

What song made Kurt Darren famous?

Besides “Meisie Meisie”, over 10 of Kurt’s biggest hits have been translated into other languages in countries such as: Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Some of these songs include: “Hemel Op Tafelberg”, “Staan Op”, “Alleen”, “As Jy My Wil He” and “Se Net Ja”. 10.

Is Kurt Darren still married?

Kurt Darren wife and kids The 8th of January 2011 was an unforgettable day for Kurt, as he finally tied the knot with the love of his life, Dunay Nortjé. As of now, the couple only has two kids: a girl and a boy.

Where is Kurt Darren from?

Pretoria, South Africa
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What nationality is Kurt Darren?

South African
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Does Kurt Darren still sing?

Kurt Darren is a singer who appeases the hearts of many with his lively music renditions. He has won many hearts across the globe with every song that he has released. His songs have seen many other musicians do numerous covers with translations into their languages to enjoy the lyrics in the music.

Why is Kurt Darren wearing an eye patch?

Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren is not letting the consequences of his recent car accident get the better of him, but is instead having fun with the eyepatch he’s forced to wear after a brain injury impaired his sight. The singer opened up about the fear and anxiety of facing the public after the accident.

What kind of music does Kurt Darren sing?

Apart from contemporary pop music, Kurt Darren has been making music in other genres like dance-pop and pop rock since 1995.

Where did Kurt Darren study?

Lyttelton Manor High School
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Who is Kurt Darren’s wife?

Dunay Nortjém. 2011
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Why is Kurt Darren so popular?

As mentioned above, Kurt Darren’s songs are not just popular in his home country of South Africa. His songs, particularly those in Afrikaans, have received massive airplay in countries like Netherlands and Belgium, leading them to be covered by a couple of popular European artists.

Where was Kurt Darren born and raised?

Kurt Darren Was Born And Raised in Pretoria, South Africa The South African music star was born as Kurt Kurt Johan van Heerden on the 19th of February 1970 in Pretoria, South Africa. He spent his formative years in his native Pretoria, where he attended Lyttleton Manor High School, located in the suburb of Pretoria.

What did Kurt Darren win at the sama 2007?

The music video for the song “Alleen” also won Best Music Video at the event. With all he had been able to achieve before 2007, it was no surprise that Kurt Darren was able to finally bag his first South African Music Award (SAMA) that year. The singer took home the award for Best Afrikaans Dance Album for Lekker Lekker.

How many albums has Kurt Darren released?

In the course of his career, which has spanned over two decades and still counting, Kurt Darren has released over twenty albums, including fourteen solo albums. Asides his solo career, the singer has equally done lots of collaboration with other prominent artists in South Africa, some of which include Don Kelly and Marc Brendon.