How old is Cynthia Dreamgirl?

How old is Cynthia Dreamgirl?

Cynthia is best known for her hits “Dreamboy/Dreamgirl” (with Johnny O), “Break Up to Make Up” and “If I Had the Chance”, which peaked at numbers 53, 70 and 83 on the Billboard Hot 100, respectively….Cynthia (singer)

Born May 6, 1968
Genres Freestyle
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1987–present

Where is Cynthia freestyle from?

Cynthia/Place of birth

Who did Cynthia Torres marry?

Cynthia Torres Weds Michael Gisser.

What happened to Freestyle Music?

By the end of 1992, the reign of Dance music, and more specifically Freestyle, had ended. Dance stations either went out of business or changed formats, and artists were dropped from their labels.

What is the definition of Cynthia?

Definition of Cynthia 1 : artemis. 2 : the moon personified as a goddess.

How do you spell Cynthia?

Cynthia is a feminine given name of Greek origin: Κυνθία, Kynthía, “from Mount Cynthus” on Delos island. There are various spellings for this name, and it can be abbreviated as Cindy, Cyndi, or as Cyndy. Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemis, who according to legend was born on Mount Cynthus.

How old is Cynthia freestyle artist?

53 years (May 6, 1968)

What ethnicity is Johnny O?

Johnny Ortiz

Johnny O
Origin Hebrew, Puerto Rican and Cuban
Genres Dance, Latin freestyle, R&B, pop, electronic
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, record producer
Years active 1988–present

What nationality is Johnny O?

Johnny O/Nationality

What year did freestyle music come out?

It became popular during the mid and late 1980s. However, this kind of music started falling in fame during the 1990s. Freestyle music continues to be created and played on radio stations that are still of interest to the Latin and Italian communities.

Who is the queen of freestyle?

It was around this time at a live performance at the Manhattan venue The Star Lounge in Chelsea when New York City freestyle promoter and host Steve Sylvester introduced and officially dubbed Judy the ‘Queen Of Freestyle’, a moniker that has endured as her legacy in the freestyle genre.

Is Cynthia a Mexican name?

Cynthia is a feminine given name of Greek origin: Κυνθία, Kynthía, “from Mount Cynthus” on Delos island.