How old is Allen Walker?

How old is Allen Walker?

Allen is estimated to be 15 years old when the series begins. Allen is often accompanied by Timcampy, a small flying golem given to him by his mentor Exorcist General Cross Marian.

Is road in love with Allen?

She maintains a deep fondness for Allen Walker, kissing him and comforting him on two separate occasions. She’s also extremely protective of those she cares for, willing to endanger her own life to keep them safe.

Who cursed Allen Walker?

Mana Walker
He was taken in by Mana Walker and began travelling with him. Mana later died, and the desperate Allen was tricked by the Millennium Earl into bringing him back. A furious Mana then cursed Allen, slashing at the left side of his face.

Who is Allen Walker love interest?

Lenalee was one of the first characters Hoshino created for the manga, most notably before the series’ protagonist, Allen Walker. She originated in Hoshino’s one shot, Zone, where she is depicted as a teenager who wants the Earl to revive her boyfriend.

Is Cross Marian death?


How old is Yu Kanda?

Despite looking like a 19-year old man, he has in reality lived for only nine years. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version of the anime, while in the English version he is voiced by Travis Willingham in the first two seasons and Ian Sinclair in all subsequent appearances.

Does Lavi like Lenalee?

“He probably likes her, Lavi’s level of attention to Lenalee is abnormal, insisting that it’s pure friendship is really pushing the limits.” “You should say… the story didn’t put it into words, but from Lavi’s reaction it’s pretty visible that he probably likes Lenalee, but he hasn’t noticed it himself.

Is D Gray Man still on going?

Gray-man anime faded away after over 100 episodes. Where did the series go? Much like the manga that it was based on, the anime series, D. But despite all this, the series abruptly ended even as the manga continued.

Is Mana the Millennium Earl?

He reveals that the Earl is one-half of the Millennium Earl, who vanished and was reincarnated as the twins Mana D. Campbell (マナ・D・キャンベル) and Nea D. Campbell. Mana is the present Earl).

Does Lavi like lenalee?

Is Lavi dead?

As Lavi and Krory work to fight the Akuma in the clouds, Lavi loses his footing and is shot by an akuma and falls into the sea. The virus quickly spreads through his body, bringing him close to death.

What does Kanda’s tattoo mean?

When Mugen became a crystal type, he gained two stigmata on the underside of his forearms where his blood exited his body to form Mugen’s new blade. On Kanda’s chest is a tattoo that is the seal of his Second Exorcist regenerative abilities.