How much does Jeff Hardy make?

How much does Jeff Hardy make?

Jeff Hardy is currently signed to WWE where he earns a salary of $2.06 Million per year. Which makes his monthly income to amount to $171,666.67 and weekly figures to be $39,615.38.

How long was Matt Hardy ECW champion?

5 WWE European Championship (April 26, 2001) Matt would have a successful title reign that would last 125 days, making him the second longest-reigning European Champion and the longest American-born champion. His tenure would come to end thanks to The Hurricane, but it helped give birth to his Version 1.0 gimmick.

How much money does Jon Moxley make?

Former AEW Champion Jon Moxley makes $6million a year as his annual salary, according to Sportlister. Compared to his contract with WWE, Moxley receives a number of perks which make up his salary, including travel and accommodation expenses. He is one of AEW’s top paid stars along with Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega.

Was Matt Hardy in ECW?

Hardy was drafted to the ECW brand on the June 23, 2008 episode of Raw during the 2008 WWE Draft, in the process making the United States Championship exclusive to ECW.

How much money is Edge worth?

Edge Net worth, Income, WWE Career, Personal life and more

Name Adam Joseph Copeland
Age 47
Occupation Professional Wrestler
Other Sources of Income Actor
Net Worth $14 million

Who is the longest ECW champion?

Shane Douglas
Shane Douglas, in his fourth reign, had the longest reign in the title’s history which lasted 406 days, while Ezekiel Jackson, in his first (and only, due to his defeating of Christian on the television finale of ECW) reign, had the shortest as the title was retired immediately.

Who was the last ECW champion?

Ezekiel Jackson
Ezekiel Jackson is not only the final ECW champion, but is technically the shortest reigning ECW champion ever. At Guilty as Charged 2001, The Sandman won the Title, and held it for 6 minutes, 32 seconds, before losing it to Rhino.

How much does WWE pay Roman Reigns?

The first full-time WWE Superstar on the list is Roman Reigns, with The Mirror claiming that the Universal Champion pockets a base salary of $5 million per year.

How much does Cody Rhodes make?

As of 2021, Cody Rhodes has a net worth of $4 million. He reportedly earns a salary of about $3 million.

Are the Hardy brothers actually brothers?

Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy/Brothers