How much are tolls in NY with EZ Pass?

How much are tolls in NY with EZ Pass?

Non-NYCSC customers pay Tolls by Mail rates. For Staten Island Residents who are NYCSC E-ZPass account holders: Under the MTA’s Staten Island Resident Rebate Program, the effective toll rate for registered Staten Island Residents is $2.75, effective 4…

What are the tolls on the New York State Thruway?

Tolls On the New York State Thruway

  • Off-peak $34.50 (NY E-ZPass Only)
  • Off-peak $41.37 (NY E-ZPass Only)
  • Off-peak $44.99 (NY E-ZPass Only)
  • Off-peak $75.83 (NY E-ZPass Only)
  • Off-peak $83.38 (NY E-ZPass Only)
  • Off-peak $114.44 (NY E-ZPass Only)
  • Off-peak $140.15 (NY E-ZPass Only)
  • Off-peak $166.31 (NY E-ZPass Only)

Does NY EZ Pass have a monthly fee?

New York’s E-ZPass system also charges a $1 monthly service fee for tags issued by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) and $6 per year for monthly statements. Customers in New York State can purchase a tag for $25, and customers in New York City or Long Island can purchase a tag for $30.

How do I pay my NY Thruway toll?

New York State Thruway Cashless Tolling To initiate the cashless tolling method for your drive through the Thruway, you will need to be registered at the E-ZPass portal. If you have, then mount your E-ZPass tag on the windshield and keep your license plates and payment information updated on your account.

Do tolls charge by the mile?

​What are the toll rates? The TollTag toll rate is an average of 20 cents per mile, effective July 1, 2021. The ZipCash, (pay-by-mail) rate is at least 50 percent more than the TollTag rate.

How much is an EZ Pass MD?

Transponders are free, there’s no monthly fee for Maryland addresses, and sign-up is available 24/7 at

How can I get cheaper tolls?

You can get either free or half-price registration through Toll Relief if you:

  1. spent a minimum of $877 or more (an average of $17 a week) on NSW toll roads in the 2021-22 financial year (1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022)
  2. drive a NSW privately registered vehicle that is less than 2794kgs tare (unladen) weight.

What time is the San Francisco toll in New York?

Say it is 7:00 AM in New York City (in your time zone). You search for San Francisco. The default toll rates returned are at 4:00 AM in San Francisco time (at the time of your search). If you want toll rates at 7:00 am in San Francisco, you will need to select 10:00 AM when searching in New York.

How can I find out how much tolls will cost me?

Before heading out on a roadtrip use this Google Maps Toll Calculator to find out in advance how much tolls will cost you and learn if there are alternate routes that can save you money.

How to calculate tolls using tollguru toll calculator?

You can calculate tolls for your trip using TollGuru Toll Calculator app. All you have to do is specify origin and destination, and Submit. You can choose your vehicle type, toll tags, departure time and more. The mobile app (iOS or Android) is also available.