How many sq ft is the Earth?

How many sq ft is the Earth?

148,940,000 square kilometers is 92,547,025.4 square miles (thanks Google). And 92,547,025.4 square miles is 488,648,294,112 square feet (again, thanks Google). World population is currently estimated at 6.77 billion.

How much of the Earth is built on?

There are over 510 million square kilometers of area on the surface of Earth, but less than 30% of this is covered by land. The rest is water, in the form of vast oceans.

What is the size of the Earth?

3,958.8 mi

How many acres per person is in the world?

The average Mexican occupies 2.5 global hectares (6 acres), the average Indian lives on 0.8 global hectares (2 acres). Average demand globally is 2.2 hectares per person (5.4 acres). In contrast, globally there are currently 1.8 hectares (4.5 acres) of biologically productive land and sea area available per person.

How many square miles is the sun?

Its diameter is about 1.39 million kilometres (864,000 miles), or 109 times that of Earth. Its mass is about 330,000 times that of Earth, and it accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System….Sun.

Observation data
Escape velocity (from the surface) 617.7 km/s 55 × Earth

How many square feet is North America?

What is a continent?

Continent Approximate area Highest point
North America (includes Central America and the Caribbean) 9,449,000 square miles (24,474,000 sq km) Mount McKinley, Alaska, U.S.: 20,320 feet (6,194 m)
South America 6,879,000 square miles (17,819,000 sq km) Mount Aconcagua, Argentina: 22,834 feet (6,960 m)

What percent of Earth is populated by humans?

14.6% of the world’s land area has been modified by humans. With human population on Earth approaching 8 billion (we’ll likely hit that milestone in 2023), our impact on the planet is becoming harder to ignore with each passing year.

How much land is not suitable for living?

Explanation: Earth is a living planet that means it contains air… 71% of earth is covered with water,therefore only 29% land is suitable for living….

Who owns the most land in the world?

1. Roman Catholic Church: 70 million hectares. The largest landowner in the world is not a major oil magnate or a real estate investor. No, it’s the Roman Catholic Church.

What is the largest building in the world by square footage?

The New Century Global Center in Chengdu, China, is the world’s largest building by square footage. Editorial credit: Serjio74 /

How many square miles of land does the Earth have?

With 57,308,738 square miles of land, earth has 1,597,675,921,459,200 sqft of land. All estimates will be wrong that neglect the additional area created by slope of land, and the further increase in area due to the fractal nature of the surface. How Long Is the Coast of Britain? Statistical Self-Similarity and Fractional Dimension.

Is the average square footage of a house in America increasing?

And this is not a historic constant for the United States either – it represents a huge uptick in average square footage over the past few decades, in which homeowners have demanded (or been sold) the idea of a larger home.

What is the second largest building in the world?

Opened in October 2008 the terminal was then the largest building in the world and is currently the second largest in the world. It occupies an area of over 18.3 million square feet. The Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 was built by the government at a cost of $4.5 billion.