How many power ranger groups are there?

How many power ranger groups are there?

As of 2021, Power Rangers consists of 28 television seasons of 21 different themed series and three theatrical films released in 1995, 1997, and 2017….

Power Rangers
The current franchise logo
Created by Haim Saban Shuki Levy
Original work Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993–1996)

What are all the Power Ranger team names?


  • Beast Morpher Rangers (2019-2020) 1.1 Rangers.
  • Dino Fury Rangers (2021-2022)
  • Beast Block Rangers (2023-2024) (30th Anniversary)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1996)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995, alternate timeline)
  • Zeo Rangers (1996-1997)
  • Turbo Rangers (1997)
  • Space Rangers (1998)

Who are the 10 Power Rangers?

The 10 Strongest Power Rangers In The Franchise, Ranked

  1. 1 Tommy Oliver (Master Morpher)
  2. 2 Anubis “Doggie” Kruger (Shadow Ranger, SPD)
  3. 3 Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger, Mighty Morphin; Gold Ranger, Zero; Et Al)
  4. 4 Leanbow (Wolf Warrior, Mystic Force)
  5. 5 Magna Defender (Ranger Ally, Lost Galaxy)

Who are the 5 Power Rangers?

The five teens chosen are Jason Lee Scott, Kimberly Hart, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, and Billy Cranston. Zordon gives them the ability to transform into a fighting force known as the Power Rangers.

What is the strongest Megazord?

Here are the 15 Most Powerful Zords (And Megazords) In Power Rangers.

  • 8 Super Zeo Megazord.
  • 7 Super Zeo Ultrazord.
  • 6 Omega Megazord.
  • 5 The Timeforce Time Travel Zord.
  • 4 Isis Megazord.
  • 3 Delta Base Megazord.
  • 2 Quantasaurus Rex.
  • 1 Serpentera.

Who was the strongest Power Ranger?

According to the character’s history, Tommy is a legend among the Power Rangers community and is considered to be the greatest Power Ranger of all time, having been five different Power Rangers — the Green Ranger, the White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V–Red, the Red Turbo Ranger, and the Dino Thunder Black Ranger — and a part …

Who is the strongest Power Rangers team?

Six Rangers are often the most powerful member of a Rangers team, being stronger than even the Red Rangers. Sometimes, the Red Ranger may not actually be anymore stronger than the other normal Rangers.

Who is the smartest Power Ranger?

There’s no question that Blue Ranger Billy is the smartest Ranger. He might even be the smartest person in Angel Grove. Where Billy excels, however, is not in the big fights with the team as he’s much better at working behind the scenes.

Who is the strongest Ranger?

Who played Alpha 5?

In the 2017 reboot film, Alpha 5 is a CGI character portrayed by Bill Hader. Hader acted out Alpha 5’s movements in a motion-capture suit, and provides the voiced dialogue for the character in the recording booth.

Was Skylar Deleon a Power Ranger?

While Deleon claimed (and news reports said) Deleon was once a star on Power Rangers, Deleon appeared only once as featured extra Roger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which aired May 4, 1994.

How many Megazords are there?

Power Rangers: All 34 Megazords In The TV Show’s History

  • It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over 25 years since Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers first debuted in 1993.
  • Megazord.
  • Mega Dragonzord.
  • Thunder Megazord.
  • Mega Tigerzord.
  • Ninja Megazord.
  • Ninja MegaFalconzord.
  • Shogun Megazord.

How many different Power Rangers groups are there?

Crystal Machines Rangers (2023-2024) (Upcoming)

  • Beast Morphers Rangers (2019-2020)
  • Dino Fury Rangers (2021-2022)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1996)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995,alternate timeline)
  • Zeo Rangers (1996-1997)
  • Turbo Rangers (1997)
  • Space Rangers (1998)
  • Galaxy Rangers (1999)
  • Lightspeed Rangers (2000)
  • Who were the original Power Rangers?

    The Power Rangers. The original Red Ranger (as well as the team’s original leader); portrayed by Austin St. John. The original Yellow Ranger; portrayed by Thuy Trang. The original Black Ranger (as well as the original team’s second-in-command); portrayed by Walter Emanuel Jones.

    What are the names of the original Power Rangers?

    The young actors to play the original team of Power Rangers were Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott (the Red Ranger),Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Ann Hart (the Pink Ranger), Walter Jones as Zack Taylor (the Black Ranger), Thuy Trang as Trini Kwan (the Yellow Ranger), and David Yost as Billy Cranston (the Blue Ranger).

    Who are the legendary Power Rangers?

    The Legendary Rangers, also known as the Historic Rangers, is a term referring to a collusion of all the veteran Power Rangers that predate and include the Mega Rangers. They join together to fight the Armada. The term Legendary Rangers was initially used in reference to the Rangers that predated the Mega Rangers.