How many capital cities are there?

How many capital cities are there?

195 Capital Cities of the World.

What are the ten capital cities?

Everyone has their own opinion, but if you want our 2 cents on this subject you can check out our top 10 list below.

  • London, United Kingdom.
  • Tokyo, Japan.
  • Paris, France.
  • Rome, Italy.
  • Washington D.C., United States of America.
  • Berlin, Germany.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Bangkok, Thailand.

What is the capital city of all countries?

World Capital Cities – Sortable alphabetically by World Capitals or Countries

Country Capital City
Argentina Buenos Aires
Armenia Yerevan
Australia Canberra
Austria Vienna

What are the 4 capital cities?

There are four different capital cities in the United Kingdom which are London – the capital of England; Edinburgh – the capital of Scotland; Cardiff – the capital of Wales and Belfast – the capital of Northern Ireland.

What are the capital city?

A capital is typically a city that physically encompasses the government’s offices and meeting places; the status as capital is often designated by its law or constitution. In some cases, a distinction is made between the official (constitutional) capital and the seat of government, which is in another place.

How many capitals are there in India?

States and capitals : India now has 28 states and 8 UTs 2021

S.NO State Capital
2 Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar
3 Assam Dispur
4 Bihar Patna
5 Chhattisgarh Raipur

Which is capital city of India?

New Delhi
New Delhi, national capital of India. It is situated in the north-central part of the country on the west bank of the Yamuna River, adjacent to and just south of Delhi city (Old Delhi) and within the Delhi national capital territory.

Which is the capital city of India?

What is China capital?

It was in Tian’anmen Square on October 1st, 1949, that Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, with Beijing as its capital. The city has changed totally since then.

Which is the third capital of India?

New Delhi
Country India
Union territory Delhi
Established 1911
Inaugurated 1931

What is the capital of Punjab?


What is the second capital of India?

The English rulers considered Nagpur as the centre of India and hence identified this point and constructed the Zero Mile Stone. Being at the center of the country, they also had a plan to make Nagpur the second capital city.

What is a city that starts with the letter B?

The major cities in Switzerland beginning with a ‘B’ areBaden, Basel, Bellinzona, Bern (the capital) and Biel/Bienne. What letter of the alphabet starts most capital cities names? B What are six capital cities in Europe that start with the letter b? Berlin Germany, Bern Switzerland and Brussels Belgium are capital cities in Europe.

Are there any European capitals that start with the letter B?

European Capitals That Begin With “B”. How many have you visited? Page 1 of 1. 1. Berlin. 2. Brussels. 3. Budapest. 4. Bratislava. ADVERTISEMENT. 5. Bern. 6. Bucharest. 7. Belgrade, Serbia. Confirm Delete Score. Item Info.

How many state capitals start with each letter of the alphabet?

Here is a list showing how many state capitals start with each letter of the alphabet: STATE CAPITALS. A (5) Albany, Annapolis, Atlanta, Augusta, Austin. B (4) Baton Rouge, Bismarck, Boise, Boston. C (6) Carson City, Charleston, Cheyenne, Columbia, Columbus, Concord. D (3) Denver, Des Moines, Dover.

What are the world capital cities alphabetically?

World Capital Cities – Sortable alphabetically by World Capitals or Countries Country Capital City Angola Luanda Antigua and Barbuda Saint John’s Argentina Buenos Aires Armenia Yerevan