How does Keisha respond to Andy?

How does Keisha respond to Andy?

Keisha handles it by explaining that they should be focused on homework. She shuts down the discussion by saying, I gotta go. I don’t have time to deal with your temper tantrums and Andy apologizes. Keisha responds with, I’m not mad, Andy.

How does Keisha react after she finds out about Rob’s death?

How does Keisha react after she finds out about Rob’s death? Keisha was freaked out and even thought it could be Andy. Her mom took her to the hospital and she said Andy’s eyes look very sad. B.J. decided to go back to church and pray with his mom/church about the accident.

What happens when Andy’s friends try to talk to the counselor about Andy?

12. What happens when B.J. and Tyrone talk to the guidance counselor about Andy? Answer: She tells them that he is already receiving help from a psychologist. 13.

Why does Keisha come to the conclusion that Andy must be in shock?

Why does Keisha conclude that Andy must be in shock? He just killed his friend from being careless. Why do you think “old white ladies” in particular always “freak out” when Andy and his friends yell out at them from Andy’s car? They are reckless boys and they are trying to watch out for them.

What happened that ruined Andy’s Christmas with Keisha *?

He and his family were hanging out, trading gifts, and then Keisha came over. This year, though, Andy got really sad when she called, and they didn’t do their usual inside joke about gifts. This wound up ruining his Christmas because it reminded him of all his fun times with Rob.

Who does Andy blame for the accident?

Since the accident, Andy’s felt guilty because he was the one driving. Even though he got a two-year suspended sentence and has to take a couple of DUI classes, Andy doesn’t feel like he’s actually been punished for what he did. He blames himself for Robbie’s death.

WHO calls Keisha to inform her about the accident?

Chapter 3 of Tears of a Tiger starts with Rhonda calling Keisha to let her know that there has been accident. Keisha calls a friend named Gerald to see if he knows anything. He doesn’t, and he teases her a bit for worrying about her boyfriend.

How does Rob’s mother react to Andy’s letter?

16. What does Rob’s mom say to Andy after she reads the letter he wrote her? Answer: That they forgive him and she will treasure the letter forever.

What happened when Andy visited the school counselor Tears of a Tiger?

During his second visit to his psychologist, Andy recounts having visited the school counselor once for graduation requirements, and it was not a productive encounter for him. There was a significant disconnect between them as she was distant with the way she ended up giving a lecture on career goals…

How does coach Ripley treat Andy after the accident?

After the accident that killed his star player, Rob, Coach attended court in support of Andy, the student who was drinking and driving at the time of the accident. He encourages him and makes him the center and team captain, which were positions previously held by Rob.