How does Bruno feel when he looks out of the window in his bedroom?

How does Bruno feel when he looks out of the window in his bedroom?

Bruno spotted a window in his new room. He hoped it would provide a view of Berlin, but he approached it slowly so as to defer disappointment. When he arrived and looked through the window, he saw “something that made him feel very cold and unsafe.”

How does Bruno react to the view from the window in Auschwitz?

Bruno disagrees with his sister’s theory that they are looking at a countryside environment. While neither child can really articulate it, each feels a sense of dread and fear about the area outside their home. When Bruno and Gretel look out of the window of their new home, at first they see a very pleasant sight.

What did Bruno and Gretel see when they looked out the window?

What do Bruno and Gretel see outside the window? They saw kids and adults in the camp. They were all wearing stripped pajamas and were being ordered around by the soldiers.

What was Bruno’s reaction to when he found out what the camp was like?

Expert Answers Bruno does not want to be at Out-With. When they move, he doesn’t like the house, and he feels that there is nothing to do. He looks around his new room and glances out the window.

How does Bruno describe the concentration camp?

Bruno refers to the death camp “Auschwitz” as “Out-With,” which is a brilliant piece of writing that gives us insight into the time through the eyes of our unreliable narrator. Bruno, a mere child, attempts to understand what is going on in WWII Germany.

How did Bruno feel about the trains?

Bruno remembers seeing another parallel train also heading to Out-With. This train was crammed full of people, and Bruno felt confused as to why the people did not get onto his train, which, by comparison, had plenty of room.

What does Bruno see in the sky?

Bruno looked at the darkening sky and heard thunder. Rain started falling. Wet and muddy, Bruno felt increasingly uncomfortable and worried about catching a cold.

Why is Bruno envious of Shmuel?

Bruno is ironically jealous of Shmuel, because Bruno perceives Shmuel’s world as so much more exciting as Shmuel gets “to have dozens of friends and are probably playing for hours every day.” Bruno is intrigued by the “pajamas” that everybody wears in the camp and his strange friendship because he and Shmuel never get …