How do you write nine hundredths as a decimal?

How do you write nine hundredths as a decimal?

Shaded nine parts is known as nine-hundredths. In decimal fraction we write it as 9/100. In decimal number we write it as . 09 and we read it as point zero nine.

How do you write five and thirty eight thousandths as a decimal?

Five and thirty-eight hundredths 5.38 (8 is in the hundredths’ place.) Nineteen and four thousandths 19.004 (Insert two zeros so that the 4 is in the thousandths’ place.)

What is 4 thousandths written as a decimal?

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decimal analysis phrase
0.400 400 thousandths four hundred thousandths
0.00004 4 hundred-thousandths four hundred-thousandths

What is 4 thousandths as a decimal?

Decimal Numbers Hundredths
0.04 4

Where is the hundredths place in a decimal?

The second digit to the right of the decimal point indicates the number of hundredths. For example, the decimal 3.26 is the same as the mixed number 326100 . (Note that the first digit to the left of the decimal point is the ones digit.) You can write decimals with many places to the right of the decimal point.

How do you write 0.001 in words?

We write the value of one penny as $0.01 , since 0.01=1100 0.01 = 1 100 . Writing a number with a decimal is known as decimal notation….Learning Outcomes.

Decimal Fraction Name
0.1 110 One tenth
0.01 1100 One hundredth
0.001 11,000 One thousandth
0.0001 110,000 One ten-thousandth

What is 4 hundredths as a decimal?

How do you write 9.04 in Word?

9.04 = Nine and four hundredths.