How do you say love in Manipuri?

How do you say love in Manipuri?

The most appropriate way to say “I love you” in Manipuri language (Meitei language) is “ꯑꯩꯅ ꯅꯪꯕꯨ ꯅꯨꯡꯁꯤ꯫” (Eina nang-bu noong-shi). Nungshi means “to love” (Verbal form).

What is the meaning of Hoirong?

If the name of the album sounds too ominous, one should know that Hoirong means a**shole in Manipuri. “It means more than what it actually does, like all curse words.

How do you say handsome in Manipuri?

handsome in Maithili মৈথিলী

  1. नोनुअ ⇄ handsome. maithili.
  2. सुमन ⇄ handsome. maithili.
  3. सुरूप ⇄ handsome. maithili.

What is called husband in Manipuri?

Husband mapuroiba. Wife Eigi Nupi. Sister-in-law. Grandmother.

How do you greet in Manipuri?

Manipuri: Basic Words Maru oiba waheising

  1. Yes = hoi.
  2. No = natte.
  3. Thank you = thaagatchari.
  4. Thank you very much = yaamna thaagatchari.
  5. You’re welcome = yaamna nungaijare.
  6. Please = chaanbeeduna.
  7. Excuse me = kari nomata hangjage (can I ask you something?)
  8. Hello = hello.

What is the meaning of Namaimathu?

Answer: namaimathu is a bad language of Manipur and we can namaimathu when we are angry . it is very find to speak.

What is the meaning of Kasubi in Manipuri?

Kasubi means a lady with immortal character.

How do you say sorry in Manipuri?

sorry in Dogri डोगरी

  1. शरमसार ⇄ sorry. dogri.
  2. शरमिंदा ⇄ sorry. dogri.

How do you say beautiful in Manipuri?

Hoi, eigee koinaba nupi ama lei. You are beautiful. Nangshe phajei.

How do you say friend in Manipuri?

Friend in Maithili মৈথিলী

  1. इआर ⇄ friend. maithili.
  2. मेलुआ ⇄ friend. maithili.

How do you say sleep in Manipuri?

sleep in Maithili মৈথিলী

  1. निन्द ⇄ sleep. maithili.
  2. नीन ⇄ sleep. maithili.
  3. सपन ⇄ sleep. maithili.
  4. सुतब ⇄ sleep. maithili.
  5. स्वाप ⇄ sleep. maithili.

What are the basic words in Manipuri?

Manipuri: Basic words Manipuri: Basic Words Maru oiba waheising Click on a word to obtain the sound file of that word. [Sound Help Page] (English = Manipuri) Yes = hoi No = natte

How do you Say Yes/No/Excuse Me in Manipuri?

[Sound Help Page] (English = Manipuri) Yes = hoi No = natte Thank you = thaagatchari Thank you very much = yaamna thaagatchari You’re welcome = yaamna nungaijare Please = chaanbeeduna Excuse me = kari nomata hangjage(can I ask you something?)

How do you Say Good Morning/ Afternoon in Manipuri?

To use literal translation for good morning or afternoon in Manipuri would be awkward. To greet people following may be used: Generally, “Chak charabo/charabaro?” [had rice/food?] will do for all circumstances, but one can say, “Chara wanlabo/wanlabaro?” for Had your lunch? (afternoon light meal). I have already eaten = Eidi chak chare.

What is the official language of Manipur?

Manipuri or Meiteilon is the language spoken commonly in Manipur. Here is a brief extract of Manipuri Grammar [D.N.S Bhat & M.S. Ningomba, Central Institute of Indian Languages;