How do you read a French license plate?

How do you read a French license plate?

The numbering system goes as follows:

  1. AA-001-AA to AA-999-AA (numbers evolve first);
  2. AA-001-AB to AA-999-AZ (then the last letter on the right);
  3. AA-001-BA to AA-999-ZZ (then the first letter on the right);
  4. AB-001-AA to AZ-999-ZZ (then the last letter on the left);

What does MFG on a license plate mean?

Manufacturing (MFG) Plates.

How do you read a European license plate?

The distinguishing sign should be displayed on the far left or far right on the registration plate. When a symbol/flag/emblem is also displayed, the distinguishing sign shall obligatory be placed on the far left on the plate.

What year is an plate?

The old ‘prefix’ system with a leading single letter to show the year of first registration began on 1 August 1983 with the introduction of the ‘A’ prefix and ended with ‘Y’, which ran from 1 March 2001 until 31 August 2001.

How are French departments numbered?

Most French departments are assigned a two-digit number, the “Official Geographical Code”, allocated by the Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (Insée). Overseas departments have a three-digit number.

What does a green French number plate mean?

PRINCIPLE OF THE SERVICE K and CD special series French vehicle plates (green plates) Imports of personal vehicles in Switzerland (as part of a residency change from the European Union into Switzerland).

What do the vertical letters on a license plate mean?

These vertical letters are part of the license plate number. If you have a plate with letters in front, enter the vertical part of the plate number first, then the rest of the number. For example, CAP0000 is the number of this license plate: Plates That End With Vertical Letters.

What does B stand for on a license plate?

Bill Text – AB-2489 Vehicles: license plates: obstruction or alteration.

What does D mean on a European number plate?

1993. CS. Formerly Československo (Czechoslovakia) D. Germany.

Why is Croatia number plate HR?

The first three numerals indicate the embassy code, where 024 stands for USA. The letter indicates the category where M stands for foreign missions. To the left of the plate is an (illegal) euroband sticker where the oval HR is below the twelve golden European stars.

What year is a 10 plate?

New Style Age Identifier For UK Number Plates

Plate From To
10 March 2010 September 2010
60 September 2010 March 2011
11 March 2011 September 2011
61 September 2011 March 2012

How do I look up car number plates in France?

The Search French License Plates API allows users look up car number plates in France. For instance, users of the application would enter a car registration plate like “2590 MA 64”, and it would return that the number plate belongs to a 2011 Ford Taurus.

How do I apply for a year of manufacture license plate?

A Year of Manufacture (YOM) License Plate Application (REG 352). Authentication of the license plates by DMV which requires taking the plates to a DMV field office. — DMV will also verify that the configuration is not duplicated and already in use on another vehicle. Surrender of the license plates currently assigned to the vehicle.

How do I find out what year my license plate is?

Start by using an Internet search engine like Yahoo! or Google and typing in key words like “Year of Manufacture license plate” or “YOM license plate” plus the name of your state.

How many letters are in a 1950 French license plate?

The 1950 format uses a N X NN format, composed of a series of one to four numbers, one to three letters and a two-digit code corresponding to the département where the car is registered. The international code for French plates is “F” (France). A two-line registration plate with the code for Oise (60) and the logo of Picardy region.