How do you get money on Webkinz?

How do you get money on Webkinz?

Go to the “Webkinz Care Award” every day and try to fill up the heart.

  1. You get free money every day and you get more every day.
  2. You get free food every day you do it.
  3. If you fill up the heart and do it every day for a week, your name will be put into a drawing.

What do you do with Webkinz coins?

KinzCash Coins are coins which can be sold at the WShop in exchange for KinzCash. There are different types of coins which give different amounts of KinzCash. These coins can be received through gift boxes, certain wheels, events, and other special occasions.

Do old Webkinz codes still work?

Can I use my old pet codes in new Webkinz? No. For the same reasons above, those pets simply aren’t in the game to adopt. To avoid players thinking that the codes will work, we’ve made pet codes 15 characters here, instead of the 8 in Classic.

How do you farm on Webkinz?

Did you know that you can grow farm fresh food in your pet’s outdoor yards and treetop rooms? Visit the WShop and look for the “Fun Stuff” category. Then click on the “Seeds” tab to find seed packets you can plant! To plant seed packets, just drag them from your Dock into an outdoor or treetop room.

How do you get KinzCash in Webkinz?

Here are simple ways to get KinzCash:

  1. Play games at the Arcade or Tournament Arena.
  2. Answer trivia questions at Quizzy’s Corner.
  3. Spin Wishing Well 2 and Wheel of WOW in the Arcade.
  4. Watch the Today’s Activities page for chances to do special activities.
  5. Answer the weekly survey in the Kinzville Times.

How do you get free pets on Webkinz?

Pet Medallions are a new form of currency in Webkinz World. Each Medallion is pet-specific. When you collect enough of a particular Pet Medallion, you can trade them in to adopt that virtual pet – for FREE! There are also special ‘AnyPet’ Medallions, which act like a wild card and can be used toward any pet.

What is KinzCash?

KinzCash is the main currency in Webkinz World. KinzCash can be used to buy items in the WShop, Curio Shop and KinzStyle Outlet. KinzCash was formerly used to send packages and letters through KinzPost, as well as to take classes in the Kinzville Academy.

Do you have to water crops on Webkinz?

Gardening items do not require any maintenance (no watering or raking) Plants ready for harvest will not die (they will remain ready to harvest)