How do you convert to a mixed number?

How do you convert to a mixed number?

To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction, follow these steps: Multiply the denominator of the fractional part by the whole number, and add the result to the numerator. Use this result as your numerator, and place it over the denominator you already have. This method works for all mixed numbers.

What is 1.5 as a mixed number?

Answer: a) 1.5 as a mixed number can be written as 1 1/2 b) 2.65 as a mixed number can be written as 2 13/20 c) 3.15 can be written as 3 3/20. Explanation: To express 1.5 as a fraction, we need to write the given decimal number in the x/y form, where x and y are the positive integers.

Is 11 3 a mixed number?

113 as a mixed number is 323 .

What is 1.1 as a fraction?

Decimal to fraction conversion table

Decimal Fraction
0.9 9/10
1.1 11/10
1.2 6/5
1.25 5/4

What is 1 and a half as an improper fraction?

The mixed number 112 1 1 2 would be the same as the improper fraction 3/2.

How do you turn 1.8 into a fraction?

Here, the tenths place corresponds to a 10 in the denominator, which results in the fraction 18/10.

What is 1.3 as a fraction?

Answer: 1.3 as a fraction is 13/10.

What is the correct way to write 11 3 as a mixed number?

Answer: 11/3 in mixed fraction is 323.

What is 11 2 as a mixed fraction?

Answer: 11/2 as a mixed number can be written as 5 1/2.

What is 1.2 as a fraction in simplest form?

Answer: 1.2 as a fraction is 6/5.

What is 1.2 As a decimal?

1.2% = . 01. 2 = 0.012 To change a percent to a fraction, Change the percent to a decimal.

How do you calculate a mixed number in simplest form?

A mixed number is a whole number with a fraction, such as 1 3/4. To convert the mixed number 1 3/4, one has to multiply the denominator 4 by the whole number 1 that gives 4, add this 4 to the 3 in the numerator to get 7 and place 7 over the denominator to find the improper fraction 7/4. In this case, this is the lowest form for this mixed number.

How do you calculate mixed numbers?

To convert an improper fraction to a mixed fraction, follow these steps: Divide the numerator by the denominator. Write down the whole number answer. Then write down any remainder above the denominator.

What is 11/2 simplified?

Detailed Answer: The fraction 11 2 is equivalent to 5 1 2. This fraction is a improper fraction once the absolute value of the top number or numerator (11) is greater than the absolute value of the bottom number or denomintor (2).

How do you multiply a mixed number?

To multiply mixed numbers, start by converting each mixed number to an improper fraction. Then, multiply the improper fractions together. Reduce your answer to the lowest terms using the greatest common factor. Finally, convert your answer back to a mixed number.