How do you ask a question on Peter answers?

How do you ask a question on Peter answers?

Steps Visit Peter Answers. Ask someone for a question. In the petition box, press . and then type the answer. Press . repeatedly until you reach a logical break in the automated question. Press : to move the cursor to the question box. Type the question normally. Press? to submit the question. Watch for Peter’s answer.

What is the best way to answer a petition Question?

If you’re typing a short answer, you can save time by completing only the shorter petition phrase (“Peter:”, “Peter, please:”, or “Peter, please answer:”). If somebody asks a question that you don’t know the answer to, it is best to just type “I cannot answer the following question.”.

Will peterpeter accept answers longer than the petition phrase?

Peter will accept and display answers that are longer than the petition phrase, but it will be pretty obvious something is up if you continue to type after the screen displays the entire petition phrase. Nothing more will show up once you’ve reached the end of the phrase.

What happens if I make a mistake on peterpeter?

Peter is only as accurate as you are, so if you enter a typo, Peter will answer with a typo, and people will get suspicious pretty quickly. If you think you made a mistake, you can backspace and start again at any point.

How do you use Peter answers to trick people?

If you want to use Peter Answers to play a trick on your friends or family, start by going to while asking someone a question. If you don’t know the answer to the question, ask them for the answer and tell them that if they say it out loud, Peter will use his psychic powers to hear them.

How do you Hide Your Answer in Peter answers?

Simply type a period into the petition to disguise your answer. You can swipe from the left to reveal a menu, from where you get basic options: How to play, Share, and Rate this app. In fact, the How to play page doesn’t tell you the secrets of Peter Answers at all.

How do I ask a secret question on wikiHow?

In the petition box, press . and then type the answer. Pressing the period key will clue the site into the fact that you’re typing the secret answer, causing each letter you type to appear as part of the phrase, “Peter, please answer the following question.” Since, for this example, the question will be “Why is wikiHow the best website?”,…

How do I change the question type of a question?

Click on a question. Click the Change Question Type menu. Hover over any question type to bring up an example. Choose a question type from the list. Qtip: Or, to see more variations, click the dropdown arrow next to any question type. See a question’s specific support page to learn more about the variations available.