How do we know Tom feels guilty about Muff Potter?

How do we know Tom feels guilty about Muff Potter?

You can find this in Chapter 23. Tom and Huck feel guilty that Muff is in jail. After all, they know he is innocent of committing the murder that he has been jailed for. Tom and Huck are able to bring Muff Potter these things because the jail is isolated and it is so rarely used that there are no guards.

Who killed Muff Potter in Tom Sawyer?

Injun Joe
Injun Joe blames Muff Potter for the murder, but Tom and Huckleberry Finn witness the murder, and at Muff Potter’s trial, Tom Sawyer testifies that Injun Joe was the killer. Injun Joe runs from the courtroom exiting through a window, leaving Tom in fear of retribution.

What happened at Muff Potter’s trial?

The best-known trial in twain, no doubt, is that of Muff Potter in Tom Sawyer. Tom and Huck took a dead cat to the graveyard along about midnight intending merely to get rid of warts, but they became eyewitnesses of a murder.

Who did Muff Potter’s attorney call to the stand?

The short answer to this question is that Muff Potter’s lawyer in his murder trial calls Tom Sawyer to the stand as a witness for the defense. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn both know that Muff Potter did not kill the doctor because they were there in the graveyard when the doctor was killed.

Why is Huckleberry terrified after Tom’s testimony?

Why were Tom and Huck so terrified at night after the trial? Tom testified in court on Muff Potter’s behalf and said he was an eye-witness to Dr. Robinson’s murder and that Injun Joe was the real murdered. Injun Joe escaped and was on the loose, soTom and Huck were afraid that Injun Joe would come and kill them.

Who employed Tom Sawyer jealous?

As Tom continues to ignore her, Becky decides to make Tom jealous and she seeks out the company of Alfred Temple.

What contrast is established between Huck and Tom?

The main difference between the two boys is that Huck is more of a realist and Tom is an idealist. Huck is simple, uneducated, full of common sense and adventure, and a reluctant reader.

How did Tom make Becky jealous?

In these chapters, Tom fluctuates between petty, immature behavior—lying to his aunt about his alleged dream and trying to make Becky jealous at the expense of Amy’s feelings—and nobler conduct—saving Becky from punishment. He feels genuine affection for Aunt Polly and wants to secure her approval.

How does PAP treat Huck?

Pap kidnaps Huck and locks him up in a cabin outside of town. He locks Huck inside whenever he leaves, and there is no widow big enough for Huck for climb out of. Pap continues to drink heavily, and often he goes into drunken frenzies. On one occasion, he goes into a paranoid rage and beats Huck severely.

How was Jim treated in Huckleberry Finn?

One of Miss Watson’s household slaves. Jim is superstitious and occasionally sentimental, but he is also intelligent, practical, and ultimately more of an adult than anyone else in the novel.

Why does Tom find Huck Finn at the trial?

Every report about the trial makes Tom shudder, and he finds Huck Finn in order to reassure himself that Huck has told no one. Huck tells Tom that he will tell only when he decides that he wants Injun Joe to drown him, for he knows that they will not be alive for two days if they reveal what they know.

What do Tom and Huck do with the dead cat?

That night Tom and Huck take the dead cat to the graveyard, where there they hear voices belonging to Muff Potter (the town drunk), Dr. Robinson, and Injun Joe. Dr. Robinson has paid Muff Potter and Injun Joe to dig up the corpse for his medical research.

Why do Huck and Tom renew the pledge to never tell?

Yet in spite of their consciences, they know that if they tell, they will both be dead within a short period of time. Thus weighing everything, they again renew the pledge never to tell. The entire trial is centered upon Tom’s reactions; Huck does not even attend the trial, but rather, he waits outside the courtroom.

What happened to Huck’s faith in the efficacy of oaths?

Until Tom broke his solemn oath and testified in court, Huck had implicit faith in the value of oaths. Now, however, he is completely disillusioned, and his faith in the efficacy of oaths is shattered.