How do I make my Sims mermaids?

How do I make my Sims mermaids?

To create a mermaid, you need to click the ‘Add Character’ icon next to the current character’s portrait on the lower left hand corner of the screen, and select ‘Add Occult Sim > Add Mermaid’ from the pop-up menu.

How do you turn your Sim into a Mermaid on the island?

When you eat the Kelp with a Sim, that Sim gets a ‘Strange Sensation’. Enter the water, and you’ll become a Mermaid. If you avoid the water for 24h your Sim will not turn. Simply head into the ocean and you’ll transform into a Mermaid.

Can you be a Mermaid and a witch Sims 3?

You cannot be a Mermaid and another Occult at the same time, so with two Supernatural parents, it’d be 50/50 one or the other. Mermaids do not have the Hygiene Motive, instead Hydration. Keeping hydrated in a bath but never going for a SWim will eventually cause a Mermaid to transform back into a normal Sim.

How do you turn your Sim into a mermaid again?

In order to change back into a human once you have become a mermaid, you will need to consume two pieces of Mermaid Kelp and then reenter a body of water. After this, you will be back to your human form. You can always eat another piece of Mermaid Kelp and return to the ocean if you want to become a mermaid once more.

Where is the hidden mermaid island in Sims 3?

Unlocking this Island: To unlock this island, your Sim must befriend a mermaid and build a good relationship with them. One you have befriended a mermaid, scuba dive with them in any of the dive lots, and they will show you the way to Mermaid’s Secret island.

Why is my Sim not turning into a Mermaid?

Make sure that your Sim enters water within 24 hours of eating the Mermadic Kelp. This will transform your Sim into a mermaid and you’ll then be free to go splashing about in the sea with your fishy tail and all the other things these magical creatures do. If you don’t go into water, your Sim won’t turn into a mermaid.