How did the robin become the state bird of Michigan?

How did the robin become the state bird of Michigan?

Here’s how it went down. The controversy stretches back to 1929, when a Michigan Audubon Society contest to pick a state bird captivated the state. With the backing of the influential Michigan Audubon Society, legislators adopted the robin as the state bird in 1931, and it became official April 8 of that year.

Are Robins native to Michigan?

The American robin, Turdus migratorius, is the most recognized of all land birds in Michigan and possibly in most of North America. The robin is in the true thrush family that also includes the clay-colored thrush that is often called a robin and looks like a buff-colored version of Mr. and Mrs. Red-breast.

Why is the American Robin Connecticut’s state bird?

The American Robin was adopted as the official State Bird by the General Assembly in 1943. The name Robin is applied to a number of familiar birds, but in North America it is the migratory thrush. (Turdus migratorius.) It was first called Robin by the early colonists, in remembrance of the beloved English bird.

What States is the American Robin The state bird?

Michigan – American robin In 1931, Michigan named the robin their state bird because they considered it to be “the best known and best loved of all the birds in the State of Michigan.”

What’s Michigan’s state tree?

Eastern white pine
Michigan/State tree
In 1955, the towering WHITE PINE (Pinus strobus) was designated the state tree. It was chosen as a symbol of one of Michigan’s greatest industries. From 1870 to the early 1900s, Michigan led the nation in lumber production.

What is Michigan’s state bird?

American robin
Michigan/State bird
In 1931, the AMERICAN ROBIN (Turdus migratorius) was chosen the state bird. It had been favored by the Michigan Audubon Society. Sponsors called the robin “the best- known and best-loved of all the birds in the state of Michigan.”

What is Michigan State fruit?

“The cherry is designated as the official fruit of this state,” House Bill No. 5574 states. It has nine sponsors and has been referred to the Committee on Government Operations.

What is the bird of Virginia?

Northern cardinal
Virginia/State bird

What bird is the official state bird of the most US states?

The Northern Cardinal
The Northern Cardinal is claimed by seven states as their state bird – the most of any of the state birds.

What is Michigan’s state drink?

The Hummer
HOWEVER – further research has led me to something I did not know: Michigan has a state drink – as in alcoholic drink. It’s named: The Hummer. Which is made in a blender with white rum, Kahlua, vanilla ice cream and a couple of ice cubes. And it’s very big in Michigan’s yacht racing circles.

What is the state nickname of Michigan?

Great Lake State
The Mitten StateWater Winter WonderlandWolverine State

Why is the Robin the state bird of Michigan?

Michigan designated “robin redbreast” (American robin) as the official state bird in 1931 after an election held by the Michigan Audubon Society. All state birds. The American robin (Turdus migratorius) is also the state bird of Connecticut and Wisconsin.

What is the history of Michigan’s State Bird controversy?

The controversy stretches back to 1929, when a Michigan Audubon Society contest to pick a state bird captivated the state. Remember, this was in an era before “American Idol,” so we had to have something to debate at the water cooler.

What is the state bird of Connecticut?

American robin photo by Radsaq on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike). The American robin is the state bird of Connecticut, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Is the Kirtland’s Warbler Michigan’s State Bird?

Three years later, a bicameral bid sought to make the Kirtland’s warbler, which is exclusive to Michigan, the state bird. Feathers, as you might expect, were flying. But both aviary coups failed. One can only imagine, in the age of Twitter, the tweets such a fight would inspire today.