How did Stargirl become so popular at school?

How did Stargirl become so popular at school?

Leo’s second theory is that Stargirl became popular because everyone wanted to oppose, or go against, Hillari for being exceptionally mean to Stargirl. The more Hillari disliked Stargirl, the more other people liked her. Hillari, who didn’t get the support she wanted, dropped Cinnamon – but just at her feet.

Why are the students at Mica High School fascinated by Stargirl?

The students at Mica Area High School see Stargirl as different from them not only because of her name but also because of her quirks, such as playing the ukulele in the cafeteria, giving out anonymous gifts to people she doesn’t know, and carrying around her pet rat, Cinnamon.

What did Stargirl do on the first day of school?

She walks through the cafeteria “strumming and singing and strutting and twirling” (Spinelli 5).

What kind of an impact does Stargirl make on the students of MICA high school on her first day of school?

At the start of the novel, Stargirl is approaches with a sense of hesitation by the students at Mica High. Part of it is that she is homeschooled, creating a sort of disconnect between she and the student body. Another level of divergence between both Stargirl and the students is her eccentricity.

How did the students honor Stargirl?

In fact, students from every clique in school begin to embrace her! As a result, students “honored her by imitation” (38). Suddenly, students bring ukuleles to school and play them in the cafeteria just like she does.

Who is the first person to sit with Stargirl at lunch?

See, Dori Dilson is a small ninth grader who writes poetry. Most people don’t know her until she decides to sit with Stargirl one day at lunch. After Dori makes the first move, many more people want to sit at Stargirl’s table, too.

Why is everyone so fascinated with Stargirl?

Everyone is fascinated with Stargirl because she is wearing an unusual outfit and she starts singing and playing the ukulele while twirling during lunch. Everyone is worried about Hillari Kimbles birthday because they know that Stargirl is going to sing to her and they want to know what’s going to happen.

How did Stargirl know Leo?

Stargirl’s Perspective In the beginning, Leo receives an anonymous gift of a porcupine necktie (something he collects). He later discovers it came from Stargirl. She knew about him and his hobbies before he ever met her. Following the final chapter fifteen years later, Leo receives another anonymous porcupine necktie.

How does Leo feel about Susan?

Leo loves the new, fictitious Susan; but her efforts to fit in aren’t working, and she’s still ignored. She feels discouraged until one night she has a vision that she will win the oratorical contest and become popular again.

Who gave Leo his first porcupine tie?

Uncle Pete
When Leo Borlock was little, he admired his uncle Pete’s porcupine necktie. When Leo was 12, his family moved from Pennsylvania to Mica, Arizona. When Uncle Pete said goodbye, he gave Leo the necktie. Leo loved it so much that he decided to start a collection of porcupine neckties.

What did Stargirl cause all of the students at MAHS to do?

The Stargirl Effect The kids at MAHS, who always acted and dressed the same, were being individuals. They dyed their hair unique colors, painted their nails, started clubs, and cheered at sporting events. We discovered the color of each other’s eyes.

How did Stargirl have a lasting impact on both the school and Leo?

After she disappears, Stargirl clearly has a lasting impact on both Leo and the Mica community. New traditions begin at the high school, and Leo and the others remember Stargirl with more fondness than hatred. Perhaps it wasn’t Stargirl’s quirks that were the problem (are you listening, Leo?).

What grade does Stargirl take place in?

Summary. Stargirl opens as narrator Leo Borlock begins eleventh grade at Mica Area High School (MAHS) in Arizona, a typical high school where everyone is pretty much the same—all the students wear the same style of clothing, listen to the same type of music, eat the same kind of food, and talk about the same things.

What happened in Chapter 11 of Stargirl?

Chapter 11 of Jerry Spinelli’s ‘Stargirl’ reveals a change in the way the students at Mica Area High School treat the unique Stargirl. This could be the beginning of the end of her popularity. Stargirl is going overboard with her enthusiasm by cheering all the time.

Should Stargirl have changed to become popular?

For example, many of the students, including Leo, do not believe that Stargirl… Should Stargirl have changed to become popular? Well, Stargirl does try to change to become popular. She enters the Arizona state oratorical contest, hoping that if she wins, then the other students will think she’s great.

What is the theme of Stargirl?

Like many of Spinelli’s other young adult novels, Stargirl deals with issues of conformity versus individuality, and as such, the novel resonates with both young adult readers and adult educators. Stargirl is narrated by Leo Borlock, an eleventh grader who is content to conform to his close-minded high school environment.