How are you supposed to find the Ghost Ship Chart?

How are you supposed to find the Ghost Ship Chart?

The Ghost Ship Chart is a special chart found in The Wind Waker. It can be found on Diamond Steppe Island. After Link climbs to the top of the island using the Hookshot, he can enter a maze of Warp Jars. Finding the correct path through the maze allows him to find a treasure chest containing the chart.

How do you get the Triforce chart on the Ghost Ship?

Triforce Shard 4

  1. This hidden cave houses some old shipwrecks — and 15 warp cauldrons.
  2. Jump into the cauldron and warp to the next area (red circle, marked 1).
  3. In the next area, walk forward and burn the right cauldron’s lid (image below, left).
  4. Open up the treasure chest to get the Ghost Ship Chart.

How do you find the Ghost Ship in Wind Waker?

The Ghost Ship is a haunted vessel the cruises the Wind Waker ocean according to the phases of the moon. It’s filled with undead monsters. To enter it, simply approach it. If you have the Ghost Ship Map in your possession, you will automatically board it.

How do you get on Diamond Steppe Island in Wind Waker?

Sail up close to the island and use your Hookshot on the bottom palm tree to get on top of the cliff. Drop into the hole.

Where is Bomb Island?

Bomb Island is one of the many islands scattered throughout the Great Sea in The Wind Waker. One square south is the Forest Haven, to the north is Eastern Triangle Island, to the west is Private Oasis, and to the east is Bird’s Peak Rock….Bomb Island.

Games The Wind Waker
Items Piece of Heart ×2

How do you get to the top of Overlook Island?

Move your boat close to the rock pillar with the palm tree on top. Target the tree with your Hookshot and pull yourself up as soon as the waves carry you within reach. Use the Hookshot again and fight a blue ChuChu.

How do you get the Triforce Chart 2?

The Triforce Shard 2 is located on E5: Private Oasis. You have to complete the maze here to get it. In the Wii U Version, the Triforce Shard is located in the chest inside. In the GameCube version, you instead get the Triforce Chart 2 (GameCube).

Where is the Triforce shard on Outset island?

the Savage Labyrinth
Location of Triforce Charts and Triforce Shards

Shard Location Method of Obtainment
Outset Island Located at floor 30 of the Savage Labyrinth.
Stone Watcher Island The Power Bracelet is required to enter the island. Several enemies guard the shard’s whereabouts as well.

Who do I give the skull necklaces to in Wind Waker?

Skull Necklaces can be given to Maggie’s Father and Dampa for rewards. The first time Link gives Maggie’s Father 20 Skull Necklaces, he gives him a Treasure Chart in return, since he is “feeling good today”; afterward, he will pay Link Rupees for any Skull Necklaces given to him.

Where is Diamond Steppe Island?

the Great Sea
Diamond Steppe Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is an island located in the Great Sea northwest of Outset Island.

Why do purple martins come to Bomb Island?

“They are coming to Bomb Island to sleep or to rest. They’re not nesting there. A lot of people think that, but actually Purple Martins only nest in bird houses in South Carolina.” And they come by the hundreds of thousands.

How do you get the Triforce Chart on birds Peak Rock?

To obtain the Triforce Chart located on the island, Link must use a Hyoi Pear to take control of a near-by flying seagull. Once in control of the seagull, Link must use it to hit all the white diamonds scattered around across the tops of each rock spire on the island, in order to open the gate and obtain the map.