Does Trojan Enz fit all?

Does Trojan Enz fit all?

If a person finds that there is too much roll at the base, they may need a snugger fit. If there is no roll left, they will require a larger condom….Snug fit.

Brand Features Size: Length and width
Trojan ENZ Latex, lubricated, straight-shape, tighter fit, reservoir tip Length: 7.50″ / 190 mm Width: 2″ / 50.80 mm

Which Trojan condoms are the strongest?

1) Trojan: Magnum

  • The condom stretched to 22.5 inches in length before breaking at the base.
  • Recommendation: for those who have more trunk than branch.
  • Next to its rugged, handsome, more successful brother Magnum, the classic Trojan was the runner-up.
  • Recommendation: perfect for riding that Trojan horse.

Are Trojan Enz thick?

Classic and trusted condoms from Trojan condoms variety. Best choice if you prefer simple and classic condoms. Condoms are lubricated with silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity….Trojan ENZ.

Features Details
Flavor Unflavored
Material Natural rubber latex
Thickness 70 microns
Width at base 51mm / 2″ inches

Does Trojan Enz have lube?

This condom should not be used as a substitute for the combined use of a vaginal spermicide and a condom. Warnings: Caution: this product contains natural rubber which may cause allergic reactions. This product also contains a lubricant and the spermicide, nonoxynol-9.

How long is a Trojan Bareskin?

But one area in which they could make improvement is the availability of different condom sizes….Trojan Condom Size Chart.

Condom Trojan Sensitivity BareSkin
Features Thinnest Trojan latex condom with a 0.046mm thickness, lubricated, classic straight shape.
Size Width: 2.09″ (53mm) Length: 7.48 ” (190 mm)
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What does Enz mean on condoms?

ENZ. The Trojan ENZ are the most basic kind of condom on the market. They’re right in the average of sizes, they don’t have anything special (unless otherwise noted), no ribs, bumps, bulbed head, or special lube. They’re kind of just your everyday condom, straight-fit, with a reservoir tip and a water-based lube.

Do Trojan Enz condoms have spermicide?

TROJAN ENZ Armor Spermicidal Condoms have a classic design that works to protect against unintended pregnancies with the added safeguard of spermicide. Nonoxynol-9 spermicide works with the premium quality latex to give you extra protection against unintended pregnancy.

Do Trojan ENZ condoms have spermicide?

How effective is Trojan ENZ?

Trojan Brand Latex Condoms, when used properly, are highly effective against pregnancy – although no contraceptive can guarantee 100% effectiveness. Any use of Trojan Brand Latex Condoms for other than vaginal intercourse can increase the potential of damage to the condom.

Is BareSkin or ultra-thin better?

In my opinion (woman) the BareSkin condoms feel WAY better. They’re lot thinner and I don’t really notice them there. I haven’t found the BareSkins to be more or less prone to breakage than the Ultra Thins. Our Bareskin condoms will provide an even closer experience for our consumers seeking thinner condoms.

How long is a Trojan BareSkin?

Why choose Trojan Enz™ condoms?

People have relied on Trojan ENZ™ condoms for years as the standard for safety, pleasure and a snug fit. And these blue Trojans come standard with silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensation. See that tip? It’s the special reservoir end for extra safety. Be sure to pinch it when you put the condom on. You’re just our type.

What are trotrojan condoms made of?

Trojan Condom Sizes. Their products come in different shapes (straight, flared, extra headroom, twisted head), with different lubricants (spermicidal, ultrasmooth, dual action, climax control) and made of different materials (latex, polyurethane, lambskin ). They offer plenty of different products to test and try.

What kind of lube do you use on a Trojan condom?

Products like baby oil or coconut oil will break down the condom, so stick with water-based or silicone-based lube. Trojan Condom ENZ Lubricated, 12 ct ($6; Many people swear by ultra thin latex condoms, touting them as a barrier option that doesn’t totally reduce sexy sensations.

What are the strongest smelling condoms?

The smell is definitely strong — Trojan definitely wins for strongest smelling lubricant condoms! — but they have extra room at the tip and overall fit more comfortably. I also think these felt much thinner than the other Trojans. 1. Trojan Twisted