Can you use a Wii Guitar Hero guitar for rock band?

Can you use a Wii Guitar Hero guitar for rock band?

Your chart is mostly right. The guitar that comes with Guitar Hero Aerosmith also works with rockband 2 on the wii.

Why is my Wii Guitar Hero guitar not working?

If your Wii guitar is not working properly, you may need to re-sync your Wii remote controller and check that the batteries are working properly. Turn on the Wii and open the SD card compartment on the front of the console. Hold down the “Sync” button for 15 seconds to allow the console’s syncing functions to reset.

Why is my Guitar Hero guitar not working?

When console and game are running, guitar controller has no response. Make sure to use the proper USB receiver which corresponds to the console in use. If you have the correct USB receiver, have tried cleaning out dust, and are still having connection issues, try replacing the batteries in the Guitar Controller.

Can you connect a Guitar Hero guitar to rock band?

Dev confirms. Rock Band – the Harmonix rhythm-action game that brings together guitars, drums and vocals, announced on Monday – will be compatible with “Guitar Hero guitars”, according to the developer.

Does Rock Band Wii need dongle?

You do Not need to plug a dongle into the guitar or the Wii Cpu. They require that you stick a Wii remote into the guitar body (connecting with a short USB cord).

Do Guitar Hero and rock band work on the same console?

Though “Guitar Hero” guitar controllers should work with “Rock Band” games on the same game console, the controllers will not work across consoles; a Wii “Rock Band” guitar will not work with games on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, for example.

Can You Play Guitar Hero 3 with a PS3 controller?

As you can see, there isn’t much cross-game guitar compatibility on the PlayStation 3. The Guitar Hero III Gibson Les Paul controller works only with Guitar Hero III, whereas the Rock Band Fender Stratocaster only works with Rock Band.

How do you play rock band with a controller?

The “Rock Band” series of music video games lets gamers play along with popular songs using guitar, drum and microphone controllers. The guitar controller operates wirelessly, and connects to the game console via a wireless signal adapter plugged into the console’s USB port.

Do any of the Rock Band controllers work with RB Beatles?

The GHWT drumset works fine with RB2 and the track packs past V2. ^oh, and the GH guitars also work with RB Beatles. Guitar Hero controllers work with Rock Band 2 and Beatles, but not for Rock Band 1. No, but they work great for Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Music. All the RB controllers work with GH5 and Band Hero, but none of the other games.