Are old Zane GREY books worth anything?

Are old Zane GREY books worth anything?

Values of Zane Grey books are difficult to determine. As with any collectible, the value is often in the eye of the beholder. First Editions with dust jackets can command prices up to several hundred dollars. However, reprints with dust jackets will typically go for less than $25 to $50.

How much is a set of Zane GREY books worth?

The majority of these books are worth $5-$10 dollars, as noted below: $5 is a good deal, $10 is still a good deal if it’s in great shape and you’re having difficulties finding it.

What was Zane GREY’s real name?

Pearl Zane Gray
Zane Grey/Full name
Zane Grey, original name Pearl Grey, (born Jan. 31, 1872, Zanesville, Ohio, U.S.—died Oct. 23, 1939, Altadena, Calif.), prolific writer whose romantic novels of the American West largely created a new literary genre, the western.

What is the first Zane GREY book?

Grey’s first story, A Day on the Delaware, was published in 1902. It dealt with a day spent fishing on the Delaware River with his brother Romer. He was paid only ten dollars, but was so proud that he gave copies of the story to his patients. Grey completed his first novel, Betty Zane, during the winter of 1902-1903.

How many books are in the Zane GREY collection?

Zane Grey Collection (16 Book collection) Hardcover – January 1, 1914.

Is Zanesville Ohio named after Zane Gray?

Zane Grey was born in Zanesville but the town is not named after him. The spelling of Zane’s last name was originally with an A. Gray. He changed it to separate himself from his father, who he did not get along with.

Is Zanesville Ohio named after Zane GREY?

Later Grey dropped Pearl and used Zane as his first name. He grew up in Zanesville, a city founded by his maternal grandfather, John McIntire, who had been given the land by Zane’s maternal great-grandfather Ebenezer Zane, an American Revolutionary War patriot.

What is the order of the Zane GREY books?

Order of Zane Grey Standalone Novels

# Title Published
1 The Last of the Plainsmen 1908
2 The Short Stop 1909
3 The Heritage of the Desert 1910
4 Wildfire 1910

Is Zane GREY still alive?

Deceased (1872–1939)
Zane Grey/Living or Deceased

How many Western books did Zane GREY write?

The father of the western novel, Zane Grey (1872 – 1939) was born in Zanesville, Ohio. He wrote 58 westerns and almost 30 other books.

Where is Zane GREY buried?

Union Cemetery, PA
Zane Grey/Place of burial

How many westerns did Zane GREY write?

novel: Western popular, but it is to Zane Grey—who wrote more than 50 western novels—that lovers of frontier myth have……

What nationality is Zane Grey?

Zane Grey Books Zane Grey was an American author and dentist that was born in 1872 and died in 1939 at the age of 67. A native of Zanesville in Ohio, Zane’s father was a dentist. His mother was an English Quaker immigrant.

How many Zane Grey books have been adapted into movies?

Zane Grey Books into Movies Roughly fifty of the author’s books were adapted into over a hundred live-action Westerns. That includes ‘The Lone Star Ranger’ and ‘Riders of the Purple sage’.

What did Lewis Grey do to his son’s first story?

Lewis Grey took the first story his son ever wrote (Jim of the Cave) and ripped it to shreds before delivering another severe beating. The man taught Zane what he could of his trade.

Did Zane Graziano love his wife?

Once his writing efforts started to bear fruit, the couple shared the resulting profits equally. This was proof that, despite his infidelities, Zane loved and respected his wife. He garnered a reputation for writing novels that painted a romanticized but violent picture of the West.